Date: November 3, 2021
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One Year After Passage, Prop 22 Continues to Benefit Drivers, Consumers, and California’s Economy

Sacramento, CA — A year ago today, nearly 122,000 drivers and a diverse coalition of over  140 social justice, community, public safety, business, consumer, and veteran organizations helped pass Proposition 22 with nearly 60% of the vote. Since passage, app-based rideshare and delivery drivers remain overwhelmingly supportive of Prop 22 because it protects their flexibility while providing historic new benefits like a minimum earnings guarantee and a healthcare stipend.

To mark the one-year anniversary, the Protect App-Based Drivers and Services (PADS) Coalition, highlighted the many ways in which Prop 22 has benefited millions of Californians.

Survey Shows Drivers Overwhelmingly Support Prop 22

  • 87% of drivers say they support Prop 22
  • 88% of drivers said Prop 22 “had been good for them”
  • 76% of drivers said Prop 22 “increased my pay”
  • 87% of drivers agree Prop 22 “should be protected by the courts”
  • 84% of drivers said they would recommend other states pass laws like Prop 22

Prop 22 Has Been a Lifeline for Drivers According to a New Report

  • Prop 22 saved 900,000 jobs by preserving the ability of drivers to work as independent contractors, rather than forcing them to become employees
  • More than 800,000 Californians turned to app-based rideshare and delivery work for the first time during the pandemic
  • $4 billion in total earnings for the 1.3 million California drivers working with app-based platforms in the first year of the pandemic

App-Based Platforms Helped Restaurants and Small Businesses Survive the Pandemic

  • More than 117,000 local restaurants, grocers, retailers and small businesses used app-based services in 2020, helping them reach new customers and keep their doors open during the pandemic and shutdowns
  • These merchants earned $9.1 billion in revenue through app-based platforms during the pandemic

Voters Continue to Support Prop 22

  • Nearly a year after its passage, Prop 22 is still strongly supported by California voters.
  • According to a September 2021 poll, a strong majority of voters (59%) say they would vote Yes, in favor of Prop 22 if it were on the ballot again, while only 41% would oppose. Majority support also holds across party lines and ethnicities, including:
    • 65% of No Party Preference
    • 59% of Democrats
    • 64% of voters of color
    • 64% of Hispanic voters

“I started doing delivery with DoorDash in 2018, but I couldn’t possibly understand what a lifeline this would become for me and my family,” said Brian Verrill, a driver from Arroyo Grande, California. “When the pandemic hit and my 10-year-old son transitioned to remote learning, being able to give him the care he deserved while having the flexibility to drive when I could helped me make ends meet during an already difficult time. Since Prop 22 passed, I’ve received much higher earnings, which helped me pay off my debt, take care of my family, and even buy a new hybrid car. We must protect Prop 22 at all costs because there are millions of Californians, just like me, who rely on the flexibility of app-based work.”

“We already knew app-based rideshare and delivery services were important drivers of California’s economy, but the last year has shown just how vital they really are,” said Jay King, President/CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce. “Passing Prop 22 was vital not only to protect hundreds of thousands of earning opportunities for Californians, but also to preserve vital revenue streams for small businesses and mom-and-pop restaurants.”

About Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) Coalition

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) coalition, formerly the Yes on Prop 22 coalition, is continuing to engage to ensure the will of California voters is upheld; to protect access to independent, app-based jobs; and to preserve the availability, affordability and reliability of on-demand app-based rideshare and delivery services that are essential to Californians and our economy.

Proposition 22 was supported by 59% of California voters, 120,000 drivers, and a diverse coalition of more than 140 groups including social justice, senior, community, business, veterans and many others.


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