In November 2020, nearly 60% of California voters approved Prop 22 across party, ethnicity, and diverse demographics. California voters sent a clear, unequivocal message that they want to protect the ability of rideshare and delivery drivers to remain independent contractors, while improving the quality of app-based work with access to historic new benefits and protections.

Prop 22 was supported by more than 140 social justice, small business, public safety, and community organizations as well as the strong majority of app-based drivers, including nearly 122,000 drivers who signed up and actively worked to pass the measure.

Despite this, certain elected officials and special interests are attacking Prop 22, attempting to undermine the will of California voters, and jeopardize app-based jobs and services. The PROTECT APP-BASED DRIVERS & SERVICES (PADS) coalition is active at the state and local government levels to ensure the will of California voters is upheld, to protect access to independent, app-based jobs, and to preserve the availability, affordability, and reliability of on-demand rideshare and delivery services that are essential to consumers and our economy.

app-based jobs
app-based services

1 respect the will of the voters

  • Voters sent a clear, unambiguous message to elected officials and regulators that they want to safeguard driver independence, and preserve app-based rideshare, grocery and delivery services by passing Prop 22 with more than 58% of the vote.
  • PADS will strongly defend Prop 22 in the courts, the Legislature, local governments and with regulators to uphold the will of California voters and deliver on the promise to app-based drivers.

2 protect app-based jobs

  • Safeguard the choice and voter-approved rights of app-based drivers to remain independent contractors.
  • Work with lawmakers to support policies that protect and expand driver independence and flexibility.
  • Protect driver economic security by ensuring stability of benefits and protections provided by Prop 22.
  • Protect the ability for drivers to expand into new opportunities to earn money.
  • Oppose legislation, regulations, local ordinances, and lawsuits that would undermine Prop 22, legally disadvantage drivers, jeopardize driver independence, or threaten the availability and accessibility of app-based work. This includes opposing policies that would:
    • Erode the ability of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors or limit driver choice and flexibility.
    • Restrict the availability and accessibility of app-based work through excessive legislation, mandates, or regulations.

3 protect app-based services

  • Work with lawmakers to support policies that safeguard and expand the availability of rideshare and food/grocery delivery services.
  • Oppose legislation, regulations, local ordinances, and lawsuits that threaten to undermine the successful on-demand app-based rideshare and delivery model upon which millions of drivers, users, restaurants, and merchants rely.
  • Oppose proposals that would limit access to app-based services, restrain the growth of these services or increase costs, including:
    • Unnecessary new mandates, bureaucratic requirements, taxes, fees, or costs that would limit the availability of services, especially in disadvantaged communities.
    • Restrictions on the ability of app-based rideshare and delivery platforms to operate, such as caps on fees or charges.