New Analysis Finds Overturning Prop 22 Could Cost Millions of Jobs

In 2020, California voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 22, a ballot initiative that protects drivers’ status as independent contractors while providing guaranteed earnings and access to new benefits.

Shortly after its historic passage, special interests filed a lawsuit, and the California Supreme Court decided it would review their case.

A report prepared by the Berkeley Research Group (BRG) found that if Prop 22 is overturned and drivers are forced to be classified as employees instead of independent contractors...


App-Based Jobs

Could be eliminated,

a reduction of at least 93%



Worked with app-based platforms


2.7 hours

Average time Californians worked with app-based platforms per week


It could be devastating for me and my family if Prop. 22 is overturned.

I depend on the flexibility and independence of app-based work and the earnings and benefits that Prop 22 provides are essential. I know that many of my fellow drivers feel the same way. The court should uphold Prop 22.”

Jameela Toups-West
Clearlake, CA

Nearly 10 million Californians voted in support of Prop 22.

This effort to rob millions of Californians of earning opportunities and circumvent the will of the voters will have long lasting ramifications for not just app-based drivers and customers but for our democratic system.”

David Cruz
President, LULAC Council #3288