Driver Stories

Hundreds of thousands of drivers in California are providing essential services as independent contractors. Read the voices of Prop 22 and why they drive.

I’m a US Army Veteran. Driver based apps helps me pay my car payment and insurance plus a few other bills. Driver based apps are very important to this economy. Some customers can’t afford to drive. As a driver I rely on orders to pay some of my bills. I go above and beyond for my customers and the restaurants I pick up at. Being an extra set of eyes if they make a mistake on orders helps their business and makes the customers experience more enjoyable. I’m proud to be an app based driver.”

I love what I do and without Lyft, I wouldn’t be able to afford my apartment, to chip at my student loans.

I had a full-time job until I became a mom. I have to stick with part-time hours so I could spend time with my baby and not miss out on watching her grow. Also my husband is disabled, so I turned to app-based delivery services to supplement our income. I need the flexibility of driving so I can earn money without having to worry about childcare, especially with our busy schedules.

Being able to make my own schedule gives me the freedom to take my grandmother to her doctors appointments and to her dialysis three times a week.”

I started DoorDash during 2018 because I had a hard time getting employment. And since then I’ve always used it to help me make my extra cash that I need for my life. Especially right now with the quarantine going on my hours have been drastically cut back in the only thing that’s helping me pay all my bills is DoorDash. Without this app I would seriously be without a home and probably without my car and several other things. DoorDash is how to make it through so many times of having to pay vet bills for my dog, car payments or insurance AND making sure that I still have a home or even just some gas in my car…Without this app I don’t know what I would do.. It literally makes the difference of whether or not I’ll be homeless in these times of struggle.”

Hello my name is Kathy, I am sharing my story because it’s important for everyone to know how important it is that is drivers are able to have flexible hours. I am married and have a a son that’s still at home. My husband is unable to work because he has had 20 surgery’s in the last 5 year’s. I am his main care taker so I can only drive when I have someone that’s able to be at home. I also have my own health issue, that limits me from working a full time job. That’s why it’s so important to me to have flexibility in my driving schedule. I’m trying to provide for my family, if we are made to have a daily schedule, I will have to quit driving.”

I like being independent and being my own boss. Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash is a lifeline for people like me. I love my job and love the riders and customers who rely on our service.

I am a full-time nursing student, as a nursing student there’s not much time for myself, staying on top of my studying, going to my classes and doing my clinical rotations at the hospital take most of my time. With most of my time invested in my career there is not enough time for me to find a stable job that will accept my schedule. Books for my classes, online testing programs and everyday expenses including rent still need to be paid for. With the flexibility that some app-based rideshares and delivery provide, I am able to work whenever I have an open slot in my schedule. Flexibility is important to me because it is the perfect way to be able to work on my own time without compromising my studies and/or my future.”

My CHOICE is to work as an independent contractor…Meddling with this will significantly impact my ability to make money to support my family needs. Contractors have spoken, voters have spoken, now respect what we have said and back off!

…I am totally in favor of Prop 22 and will be disgusted beyond words if the “will of the people” – the 2020 vote result – is ignored and put aside. I hope all drivers vote yes to keep Prop 22…

…I make great money – $25 an hour or more every single shift. I don’t want minimum wage. I did vote for Prop 22 and its been great. Loving the extra pay and healthcare benefits if I want them. Prop 22 is the way to go.

…I’m a mother and the flexibility of my schedule is crucial to work around the schedule of my children…It’s important to uphold Prop 22 and I voted to protect the right of app-based drivers to work as an independent contractors.

…If we wanted a boss and schedule, we would get regular jobs. We chose these platforms for the freedom and flexibility.

…I’m hoping ”YES” to Prop 22 will remain in effect since it has helped so many people in different ways.

…It’s mandatory that [my wife and I] both work additional hours every week driving with rideshare. If we did not have the flexibility to set our own hours, we would not be able to make ends meet and would be forced to relocate out of the state that we love so much.

…It’s very crucial that we’re able to work as independent contractors so we can continue to support our families with the flexibility Prop 22 provides. Without this, a lot of families would not be able to support their families and might be living in poverty…

…My children are the most important thing to me. Working around their schedules, being able to be flexible during my day is the most important thing to me.

…Prop 22 is the will of the people and a massive majority of voters voted YES to allow people to continue to work as WE want to, not as GOVERNMENT wants us to. We wouldn’t work for food delivery companies if we didn’t like being independent contractors.

…Prop 22 passed by millions of votes more than the opposition. It wasn’t even close. We have all the legal rights to decide what is best for ourselves…and we did! It’s important to me Prop 22 is upheld because it passed legally and overwhelmingly. If the majority of the voters want it then that should be law. That simple.

As a retired senior on a fixed income, I depend on driving with rideshare to supplement my income. I shudder to think where I would be without the extra income…Because I was in sales and marketing in my working career, I found myself missing the social interaction with people. Then along came rideshare and I now have balance and purpose in my life. I soon discovered that many of my riders were fellow seniors in the seventies and eighties that no longer could drive and were using rideshare to go to their doctors appointments. I felt good that I could help them. They all were so thankful that rideshare had come into their lives. Same with my blind riders. Finally, I love the flexibility of the independent contractor status. I work when I want to. Doesn’t get any better than that! It’s a win -win situation for all parties.

As an immigrant, I have disadvantages of getting a regular job. App-based jobs don’t judge you based on your origin like taxi companies do. You only get judged based on the rating of your customers and on your performance numbers. Race and place of origin don’t matter, everybody has the same chance. As schedule flexibility goes, I can leave to my country for several months at a time and start working the next day when I come back to the US.

Being an independent contractor with ride hare offers me an opportunity to spend more time with my family, which means the world to me. Prop 22 was voted by the people of California and our voice should be heard and respected. This is what democracy is about.

The income I receive from rideshare supplements the income I receive from my full-time job. I like the fact that being an independent contractor allows me the flexibility I need as a single parent.

Best job in the world.

Due to my husband being sick, I can work around his schedule by taking him to diaylsis and doctor’s appointments, cook, clean, etc. That’s why it’s important for me to be an independent contractor, so that I can control when I want to work, when I can change my timing. Having a schedule would interfere with my husband’s caretaking.

Flexibility is important for a lot of drivers. We depend on the availability to work on our own terms. For many, it’s a way to supplement our income which allows many families to avoid poverty. Not to mention the benefits it brings to many who rely on the service for work, school, medical appointments etc…

Having the option, the freedom, to make my own schedule is why I chose to work as an independent contractor…I also run a couple other businesses, and having this sort of flexibility fits perfectly with that.

I am 60 years old, recovering from heart valve replacement and heart valve repair…My life style requires me to stop working at a moment’s notice to handle family crisis or to give my heart a rest if I start feeling stressed. Working as an independent contractor allows me to LIVE LIFE at my pace…

I am a retired, 71-year-old woman. I do not have the skills to be hired by most current companies and my applications are ignored. I am healthy and energetic. Working with rideshare, I am able to set my own goals about how much money I need to make and how much I am able to work based on my body’s ability. If I wish to take a day off for some family time or extra rest I can. If I want to work an extra day to make more money I can do that too. My SSI check is $258 – very small – and ridehsare has given me a way to survive on a schedule that works for me. I enjoy every aspect of working this job.

I am a single mother. I work for a school district but still have a hard time paying my bills and rent. I do rideshare on the weekends and sometimes really early mornings. It helps pay the bills and have some extra cash to do things with my daughter. It also gives me the ability to be home during the evening with her. I am off for two months during the summer and I’m unable to collect unemployment …So during the summer I depend on rideshare to pay my rent…

I am a single woman and the sole breadwinner supporting myself. Driving rideshare is completely empowering to me and helps make sure bills aren’t left unpaid. It’s crucial to my survival.

I believe it is important for the courts to uphold Prop 22 because it is the will of the people. We are supposed to be a democratic society catering to the will of the people…

I can work when I want and how I want. I already work full time at a regular job, this is my extra job that’s gets me through till pay day many times and makes life easier!

I have a son and his activities prohibit me from being locked in to a fixed schedule therefore changing this law to an employee base system would hurt me financially and personally. I’m a single dad and I must be there for my son.

I like to work as an independent contractor because I am my own boss and I like that flexibility. Californians voted for Prop 22 and I think courts have to respect their decision.

I make a great living as an independent contractor. No complaints. We the people spoke. We the people want the freedoms to continue under Prop 22.

I rely on my ability to make food deliveries as a second job to provide things for my sons that that my main paycheck doesn’t cover. My main job is very demanding and doesn’t always fit within a regular work week. I also try to be there for my sons whenever possible. The ability to make deliveries on-demand is crucial as it would be impossible for me to have a set schedule.

I was an employee most of my life. I always answered to a “boss”. I love being independent! I set my own hours. I make as much or as little as I want. I answer to no one but me. I do not want to be an employee!

I work a full-time job but rely on ridedahre as additional income to help support my parents. I need the ability to go on and offline when I want. Between my full-time job and taking care of my parents, I can’t have a set schedule and need the flexibility to be able to provide…Our vote matters. And the people’s vote speaks for itself. We deserve our rights as voters to not have Prop 22 overturned.

I’m a grandmother to 17 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. I’m there if they need my help. I have doctor’s appointments every two weeks and I can schedule myself to work anytime. I want the freedom and flexibility in my life.

I’m retired and I finally have the ability to work as independent contractor and spend time with my family. It’s family time that I cherish. I finally have a job…a stable income…a business…where I can provide for my family and not worry about having to have a rigid schedule. I am very fortunate to have control and flexibility over my time, my life, and the amount of money I want to earn…Our public has spoken. Prop 22 is here to stay and we are supporting our flexibility to earn when we want and how we want!

I’m single parent and I need to feed my children. This job gives me a chance to work and be a parent.

I’ve been making more money since Prop 22 was enacted. I work with various app-based platforms and other freelance work. The freedom to work when and how I want is vital to me…

If it wasn’t for the flexibility of being an independent contractor, I would not have been able to start and devote the time needed for my own business!

I’m 62-years-old and live alone. Ridesahre is my only income. I need flexibility to work my own hours. At my age, there are times I am unable to work a long day and there are other times when I have lots of energy. I don’t need a “boss” telling me when I have to work. Rideshare affords me the flexibility and income potential to be independent.

I’m a busy stay at home mother that enjoys the opportunity to make money while my children are in school without having to commit myself to a full or part-time job, while at the same time having the flexibility to volunteer in the classroom or stay home if I need to take care of business there.

I’m a disabled person who also works for extra money during this trying time. I rely on my independence and flexibility to achieve my goals. As a independent contractor, I am able to work when I’m feeling well enough or stay home when I’m not feeling well. It’s extremely important to me to uphold Prop 22. I fought for it and voted for it. I enjoy my flexibility and extra benefits.

I’m making a living and I enjoy my work. My work life is better after Prop 22 passed.

I’m retired and able to work when I can. But I need to be available for my 82 year old mom and paralyzed double amputee brother-in-law by turning off the app and helping. And as financial needs come up, I can work a little extra to keep bills paid..I treat my rideshare as a business owner that I never was. Also, I feel like I’m serving an important duty to my community by getting everyone to their destinations…

It is important to me that the court upholds Prop 22 because the people who work as independent contractors today largely do it for the freedom that being an independent contractor provides…if Prop 22 were to disappear…it would be highly detrimental to the drivers who work on these apps and detrimental to the customers who have grown to use these apps for their every day needs.

It is important to uphold Prop 22 for app-based drivers because it gives us the flexibility to attend personal, community and educational matters. As an employee, the hours would lock us into a schedule that would prevent us from attending my aforementioned reasons…

It’s important that the court’s uphold Prop 22 because my situation depends on it. And people around me also depend on app-based drivers. I realized this while doing food delivery. Some people around me don’t have a vehicle. Some people can’t leave work to get something to eat. Some people are elderly and need help. Bottom line is that app-based drivers are needed.

It’s important for Prop 22 to be upheld not only for the drivers who overwhelmingly voted it in, but it sends a unprecedented and dangerous message to the people of California that the will of the voters can easily be challenged and overturned. Let’s not let that happen…

It’s very important the courts uphold Prop 22 as it has helped out alot of California drivers with benefits that we usually don’t get like health care.

Literally, if Prop 22 is not in affect, and I lose my chance to keep on with rideshare and food delivery, I could become homeless instantly. Being hired at 70 isn’t easy, so I have rideshare and they are awesome to me. We want to be independent contractors. That’s why we supported Prop 22.

Living in the state of California is completely out of control and unaffordable for most people so we have to take on second jobs just to survive..please do not change what we all voted for…

My decision to drive is due to the independence it gives me and the satisfaction of having my own business. The government can not tell anyone who they have to work for. This is government overreach and unconstitutional.

My family lives in another country…Because of the independent contractor system coupled with Prop 22’s benefits, I have been able to visit my family every three months…I am extremely scared of this opportunity being stripped away from me and my family.

My independence as an independent contractor is of utmost importance to me because I need to be able to work the hours that are most convenient to me so that I am able to also assist and support my wife in the running of her small business. Without the flexibility and freedom that Prop 22 protects, my family’s financial well-being will be in jeopardy.

Es importante para mi agradecer a esta gran empresa que me permite trabajar como CONTRATISTA INDEPENDIENTE ya que de esta manera puedo manejar mi propio horario de trabajo cada día lo cual no interfiere con otras actividades, de esta manera tengo ingresos adicionales y se ha me permitió elevar el nivel de vida de mi familia y sobre todo pagar la universidad de mis hijos.

Prop 22 has been amazing. It has really helped me to provide for my family by providing higher pay and healthcare stipend for my family. If Prop 22 is overturned, I would have difficulty providing for my families needs.

Prop 22 has been thus far the best ballot initiative passed in the nation’s workforce history with much flexibility and benefits for independent contractors…

Prop 22 saved me from going to the unemployment line during the COVID-19 shutdowns. My primary office job closed but I was able to pick up the difference in lost pay with food delivery.

The benefits of Prop 22 have worked quite well as far as I am concerned. I need the flexibility and to be an independent contractor. Approximately 60% of the voters agreed to keep us as independent contractors because rider’s need of rideshare to get them back and forth to work, elderly to their medical appointments, to grocery stores. Keep drunk drivers off the road. Rideshare drivers help save lives.

The entire premise of driving for rideshare companies is and always has been complete freedom and flexibility over the time and number of hours worked in any given day, week or month…The voters have clearly spoken! We want our freedom and independence, as well as some benefits to support us. It is the perfect balance.

The flexibility is of utmost importance to me…Ever since Prop 22 passed, I can afford better healthcare coverage than before.

The health care stipend is helpful for me and my family.

This job and the flexibility have saved my life. I suffer from migraine headaches and used to have to call in sick and let people down. With this amazing job opportunity, I am able to support myself without fear of losing my job because of health problems.

Thousands of drivers livelyhood depends on the benefits of Prop 22.

We the people of California have voted. Please uphold the decision of the voters.

Without the Prop 22 benefits, my family would be without a safety net and could easily fall into poverty.

Working as an independent contractor is why I started driving with rideshare in the first place. To be able to work when I am able. Being a single father, raising 5 kids on my own without any support, I have to and need to be able to work on my own schedule which constantly changes at any time.