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Californians sent a clear message by passing Prop 22: they want to protect the ability of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers to remain independent contractors, while improving the quality of app-based work with new benefits and protections. Hear from real drivers and voters on why they want Prop 22 to be upheld.

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App-based driving helps me keep a roof over my head and even food in my tummy. My full-time job unfortunately helps only with my bills and school expenses. I am currently going to school, working a full-time job and on my days off, I am making my rent money as well as my groceries money for the month. I tried looking for a part time job however no other job like app-based driving allows me to be independent and work the hours I want or even work longer shifts if I want to make more. Bottom line is that I would not survive in California without this opportunity to make ends meet and survive. I broke down one day because I saw a man on the street and just like he is struggling, I too am struggling in a very different way – just to keep afloat in this expensive rising economy. If it were not for this opportunity to make money, I’d be on the streets too…

I was retired for over ten years, living off my pension. Most of my time was spent caring for an elderly parent and now caring for a disabled family member. I was not old enough for Social Security when I retired, so I had to pay for my medical and other expenses. The flexibility of working during usual hours has allowed me to have the money I need and stop working to be there when my family needs me. Working app-based jobs, I have worked so many schedules and direct dates. The money is great and I love the jobs.

I work as a teaching assistant, and I love it, but this doesn’t help me with all my expenses, especially for rent. So Instacart is helping because I can do it on my own hours and during summer vacation. Working with Instacart helps people that don’t have the means to go out and do there own groceries. It saves them also a lot of time.

I am a retired senior who needed to remain connected to people and have the ability to pay bills. The flexibility helps me to work three days a week 5-6 hours a day, to pay for bills. Still being connected to people also helps me socially.

Prop 22 has been a great help to me and my family. My regular job is only for three days a week and makes financial obligations difficult to meet. This job as a food delivery driver under Prop 22 allows me to have the chance to earn on my time and helps me with my bills. It would only cause more hardship to us who are depending on Prop 22.

Hello, I am a retired mechanic of 40 years. I had to stop working because of injuries. Working with food delivery and rideshare has saved my life pretty much. It would’ve been next to impossible to train for a different career while still having to pay my bills. I may have ended up living on the street. In fact, if you get rid of Proposition 22, I believe there will be thousands if not more, becoming homeless. I am currently working full-time with rideshare and food delivery and making very good money. I feel blessed. I fully support Proposition 22. This has helped so many gig workers in California and if it goes away, so does millions of jobs. I don’t feel people will still be able to make enough money if we were to become employees instead of independent contractors. Please support Proposition 22! Thank you!

App-based delivery jobs are how I support my family of five. I don’t know many jobs out there that would provide an income to a non-college grad that could support a family of five. I am an independent contractor, delivering for no less than five different apps in a single day. I like the independent contractor status because I don’t have to take every job offered and can start or stop working anytime I like.

App-based food delivery was a godsend for me. It is absolutely essential to supplement my retirement income. It provides me with the flexibility to work the hours I want, and I don’t have to spend money on office attire or punch a time clock. I enjoy driving, and this was the perfect fit for me to make some extra money. Without it, I’m not sure what I would do.

I am disabled and currently on Social Security disability. Without rideshare as a job option and to be able to do it flexibly in between my many, many doctor’s appointments, I would not be able to survive as my Social Security does not cover my bills. It’s very important for me to be able to keep this job and do it when I can around my appointments and my health.

…The main reason I started working with app-based rideshare was because of the flexible schedule you can make for yourself. Since the beginning, all drivers have been identified as independent contractors, and I see no reason that should change. Removing our flexibility almost takes away the purpose of working independently and on your schedule. Prop 22 has always had my support because it protects and ensures that we enjoy the freedom and liberty to manage our business properly and enjoy our jobs. Prop 22 has helped thousands of drivers enjoy their jobs, and removing that would not only affect the drivers, but all the riders that will see a decrease in drivers if Prop 22 is not upheld…I will continue to support Prop 22, as the way things have been done has sustained me and my family, and it brings positive results to all of us!

I am a single mother of 2 kids under the age of 4. I don’t have any support from friends or family, and without these app-based driving jobs, I would be more stressed out than I already am. I can’t handle the stress of a normal 9-5 job, and working for somebody never works for me. Every day I am grateful to be able to make enough money to pay my bills and provide for my kids on my own schedule because making sure I spend as much time with my kids as possible is very important to me which is why I love working with rideshare and food delivery. The days that I don’t have daycare available and need to make ends meet, I will literally take them inside the stores/restaurants to do orders with me. It’s so convenient because I can take a break whenever I need too. Seeing customers happy when they receive their orders is also what keeps me going, especially the elderly and newborn mothers. It makes you think twice about why this job is so important and how much help I’m bringing to the community. I myself use these apps. They helped me a lot when I was going through postpartum and couldn’t leave the house and needed some food, diapers, etc. on the spot. You also meet great people while doing these jobs and get to explore new places you’ve never seen before, which has helped me get through my postpartum depression. Please keep Prop 22 and app-based driving…

I am a senior woman who loves driving, and app-based rideshare is great for me! My favorite thing is that it is my own business! Not only do we provide needed services that bless the community, we add value by measurably reducing the number of drunk drivers on the roads. I take great delight in devising my schedule and protocols as I offer service to many riders…I dread the idea that we could lose our independent status. If that happened, rideshare would not work for me, and I believe it would ruin rideshare as it now provides cost-effective service with a smile.

I started app-based delivery when COVID started becoming more manageable. As a nurse, COVID subsiding meant extra pay went away. With the restart of loan payments beginning shortly, I needed to subsidize my income. I wasn’t making the money I did when COVID was a serious threat, so having the flexibility to deliver on my own time was beneficial as a working nurse.

I was facing the biggest challenge of my life: getting separated from five-year marriage with five kids under the age of 10. I couldn’t commit to a normal full-time job due to personal conflicts. Thankfully, app-based work saved my situation as I was in desperate need of fast cash to pay for diapers, formulas, food and gas. I was ashamed of letting my family pay for everything when I didn’t feel disabled. I registered with almost all the driving apps available…within a few hours, I was able to cover my emergency needs, the delivery timing was unlimited, and tips made a huge difference. Like me, there are lots of people in need, and government assistance isn’t always enough or the best option to rely on. Don’t take away this opportunity to make money decently and fast…

This is the only work I can do consistently because of my disability. Many disabled people rely on flexible gig work to support themselves or supplement their disability benefits. Everyone deserves the dignity of work and self sufficiency, please don’t take away my means of supporting myself.

App-based driving was one of the best things that ever happened to me…Driving for app-based delivery services gave me the money that I needed and it gave me the flexibility that I needed to start my own business and attend law school. I don’t think I could have done it if it wasn’t for app-based driving. It got me through the pandemic. It helped me build my business as a backup source of income for the first year, which I knew was going to be rough, and it gave me the necessary income that I needed to get me through law school. And right now, it’s still an excellent source of secondary income. It covers my rent and my mortgage. I want to keep things the way they are and I’m very happy with the healthcare stipend. I love this job, I love the freedom…

Being a full-time graduate student, app-based services are very convenient for me whether I’m ordering food or groceries. These save me considerable time when I’m in a rush or need to study for an upcoming test, which usually I have at least 1 if not more per week. App-based services are extremely helpful & make my life much easier saving me a lot of time.

I have been doing app-based food delivery since November 2021 as a weekend gig and it has helped me pay off my debts and I love how flexible it is since my full time job may tend to take most of my week. Their customer support team has been great to work with as well!

I have been a driver/delivery driver for four years. It is my full-time job. I could lose my home if it went away. Why did I choose it? The flexibility, the ability to make as much as I need, the joy of serving others, and so many more reasons. I pray we win again, because the app-based driving companies are very good to me…

I’m a divorced father of two children with split custody. I use the app-based gig platforms both as a source of income delivering and I support the platforms as a customer. I rely on the flexibility to work in the area of my children’s schedules as well as work around their schedules. It is major that I am able to turn on my app-based platforms and start getting jobs after dropping them at school in the same area until picking them up from school and spending the rest of the day with them…In this economy, I don’t see any other job security allowing the flexibility I get with the app based platforms…

We need to protect drivers and services because it’s valuable to many like myself. I am a stay-at-home mother to a child with autism, whom I homeschool as well, and having app-based driving is essential to me and my son. I am able to schedule my son’s appointments and therapies to fit my driving schedule. I am able to provide and attend college without worrying about losing my job. Protect us! App-based driving for me has made a difference and I am sure it’s helped and kept a lot of people together and helped paid bills or food for others as well. With this statement, I’m sharing my story.

My CHOICE is to work as an independent contractor…Meddling with this will significantly impact my ability to make money to support my family needs. Contractors have spoken, voters have spoken, now respect what we have said and back off!

I would not be able to survive if the pay structure is changed. I live on a fixed income and the money I make doing food delivery pays my bills. The flexibility allows me to go to doctors and take time off for medical procedures. PLEASE leave things the way they are!

The flexibility, control and ability to work and earn as much as I want is everything. Prop 22 has delivered on its promise in regards to benefits and is a win for all parties…The overwhelming of California voters knew what they were voting for and sided with Prop 22 and app-based drivers.

As an individual who is in recovery from addiction, I can’t begin to express how important app-based driving has been for me. It not only has changed my life but probably has saved my life as well. Putting my recovery first has been my top priority and I need a flexible schedule…I love the fact that I can go to work, take a break at anytime to attend a meeting and be of service to others…When Prop 22 passed, I didn’t have to worry anymore about whether I could provide for myself and place my recovery first.

I have been doing this for 3+ years and have excellent ratings delivering. My whole purpose is being my own boss. I can work when I want, work for just a tank of gas or grocery money for the day. Or go make a couple hundred if I want some extra money….Being an app based driver, an independent contractor, Prop 22 has been nothing but aiding in my business with app based driving… I support Prop 22 100%.

I began driving in May 2020 during the height of the pandemic…due to the failure of my employer to heed the safety protocols at that time I made the decision to start driving full time and quit the telemarketing job. It was a struggle to make ends meet prior to the passage of Prop 22. Although I made it due to the freedom of being an independent contractor and being able to set my own hours. After the passage of Prop 22 things got so much easier with guaranteed earnings and mileage reimbursement. Please uphold Prop 22.

Since the pandemic, gig work and most importantly their drivers have become essential. Ordering simple household items or food is not just a luxury, but a need. Seniors who can’t drive and need their medication, or a meal. Disabled citizens who rely on others for transportation. Not only has Prop 22 benefited communities by what it offers, it supplies stable jobs and income. I would be homeless without Uber as a supplemented income. And because I can do app-based rideshare around my work schedule, I now have income to afford basic needs for my family. 9-5 work is not enough to survive on, especially if you have a family & are a single parent. Please don’t come for my job, I’m not coming for yours.

As a senior citizen social security and SSI pays out very little so I do food delivery to help me live a more comfortable life. I can work when I feel the need.

I must use rideshare to get to certain medical appointments. These services are indispensable to me. I have asked every driver if they would like to be an employee or if they prefer working as a contractor. 100% of drivers I spoke with said they DID NOT want to be employees. They all said they could earn more money and had much more flexibility as contractors. It seems to me that nobody has asked the drivers. Please ask them. You will find that the vast majority of them support Proposition 22. Please leave it in place so I have the freedom to access necessary medical care.

I’m a single parent in a transition in life coming from homelessness with two children. I needed a source of income to sustain me and allow me the ability to care for my children in these hard times. During Covid-19, it was hard with all the quarantines & distant learning to keep a job. Being an independent contractor working for app-based companies allowed me to earn a living…Being your own boss & working independently is the new way of the working world. I have faith in this independent system…

My name is Domitilo, I’m an app-based rideshare driver and for me the flexibility of this job works great because I have a daughter with special needs who needs help all the time so with the flexibility of this job I can help my daughter otherwise I have to stop working.

After starting a year ago, app-based food delivery has helped me earn extra money to stay ahead of bills and save up for a better quality of life. Now, I have taken a break from my full time job to do app-based delivery work full time and have made more income than ever before even after gas, taxes and routine vehicle maintenance. I enjoy being my own boss with ultimate freedom to plan my own vacation & sick days while being able to work any time and overtime as needed and still have access to affordable medical, vision AND dental for myself & my spouse. Taking away Prop 22 would take away everything that I and many other app based delivery drivers enjoy and depend upon about this line of work. Thank you DoorDash for helping me work towards my life goals faster than I ever imagined possible.

I have been an app based driver for over 4 years. It has helped me get through covid by allowing me to meet my child support obligations and all my financial needs. It gives me the freedom to start and stop whenever necessary…There is no reason to force these companies to become our employers. If I wanted a regular job I would have applied for one but unfortunately having two girls as a single father I must have that flexibility. I can not hold a 9 to 5 job as long as they are dependent on me picking them up from school. Please do not take that flexibility away from us drivers. Thank you for taking the time and we know you will uphold proposition 22.

Losing the ability to work my own hours as an independent contractor would create an EXTREME HARDSHIP for me. I’m in my 70’s, and some days I am in so much pain I can’t go to work. I don’t have much to retire on, so I need the work.

Prop 22 is important to me because:

1. It is important to Democracy. The people spoke when we voted Prop 22 in. Destruction of this proposition is destruction of American Democracy.
2. As an independent contractor, I am in control of my schedule. When I am busy, I don’t have to work. When I need extra cash, I can work more hours. If I had to work a regular shift as an employee, I would have to quit, and I would lose my source of income.
3. The extra costs of hiring employees would destroy the rideshare industry in California. There is a reason so many employers are leaving California.
4. Rideshare drivers meet the IRS criteria for classification as independent contractors, so there is no reason for California politicians to redefine our status.

Please don’t attack our democracy, and please don’t put me in extreme hardship. I need the money, and my passengers need affordable transportation.

I am with DoorDash and I love it. I am able to do it whenever I want and I am able to make however much I want. With it being on my own time and flexible, I never have to worry about missing out on my family events or family vacations or just being with and there for my loved ones. With it also being on my own time and flexible, I can dash on whichever days of the week I want and for however long I want.

The flexibility of app-based driving is important to me. My mother is 87 and it’s nice to be there for her at a moment’s notice if needed. Even though she is in assisted living, things can still happen such as when her confusion a few weeks ago led to a trip to the hospital for several days. Plus, my dog Amelia is welcomed therapy for several of the residents there whenever I stop in for a visit.

Prop 22 helps pay my gas, even in these hard times, and pays my health insurance! Please keep Prop 22. It benefits the drivers!!

COVID-19 changed everything. It affected my job and I turned to rideshare and now food delivery. It is my full-time job. I am 70, and not easily hired. I must work. I have no family to turn to. Without food delivery, I hate to think what could happen to me. I am able to work as much as I need to when it is convenient for me. I say God bless the gig economy for allowing us to have an income and for it being so convenient. It’s good for the economy overall as well because it serves to keep business moving. I pray daily for Prop 22 to remain intact.

La voluntad de los votantes que votaron Si en la 22 debe ser respetada.

I am glad and relieved to be an app-based driver. I lost my job this year, applied for unemployment which takes long to receive anything. As a driver, I have been able to buy the essentials I need a little at a time based on much I drive, however, this helps especially when we do not have an income and need items. I feel app-based driving helps those of us out of work so we can buy hygiene stuff, wash our clothes, etc…I totally support app-based driving for everyone.

I am a retired grandma…Deliveries and Uber give me the flexibility to work when I please. It pays well and gives me the flexibility I need so much now during retirement. I meet nice people as passengers and on deliveries who appreciate my work. I would be so sad if this independence was taken away from me and also other drivers that I know feel very much the same…

Prop 22 is vital for my career as an educator – I highly depend on the benefits that Prop 22 gives me. It is my greatest desire that I still have my liberty to work flexible hours and continue to have the benefits of extra income.

With rideshare and food delivery, I was able to have work during the pandemic when my own business was shut down…I was able to set my own workload which is very important to me since I have Lupus and have a great deal of trouble being able to work at all sometimes. Prop 22 enables me to work when and where I can and I’m able to take frequent breaks. If this changes, I will again be out of work.

After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, I was pretty excited to find a job in my field. However, I never found the perfect fit with the right amount of pay. Food delivery allows me to pay all of my bills and I have the flexibility to allow me to build my portfolio. Without food delivery, I would have been homeless when the pandemic hit…Prop 22 has kept me off the streets and afloat while I try to build my career.

Prop 22 is important to me because I need the flexibility to drive and still make good enough money to be able to pay my obligations. Whether it is rent or a car payment or my cell phone. I go to school full-time during the week and it’s challenging to find a job that can 100% guarantee my schedule. I depend on the flexibility so that I can continue going to school and make a schedule that fits my needs. Prop 22 has helped with that.

…Prop 22 has provided stability in my life as well as being able to launch a small business which couldn’t be possible with my regular 9-5 job. I cannot express my gratitude towards Prop 22 and how it’s helped change my life for the better. This is the future to healthier living.

Food delivery has been a lifesaver and a blessing as a single mom! To be able to set my hours around my son’s school schedule is essential. It’s also a pleasure to serve the community and help bring people good service for those that aren’t able to do their grocery shopping or want to enjoy the luxury of shopping from home. I am so thankful for my app based jobs and also Prop 22 to help cover gas fees and the extra time and work put into driving and shopping for people.

…I am totally in favor of Prop 22 and will be disgusted beyond words if the “will of the people” – the 2020 vote result – is ignored and put aside. I hope all drivers vote yes to keep Prop 22…

As a Veteran, I have fought for our freedom. Food delivery gives me the freedom to work when and where I want. This freedom makes for a better quality service for me and for our customers. Prop 22 passing ensures I can works on my terms, without being forced to do something I do not want to do. I have seen the impact food delivery has had on small businesses, allowing them to stay open. Also, the smiles on peoples faces when we deliver directly. As a Veteran, I need time to make appointments that are critical to my health, and food delivery work gives me this freedom and peace of mind, away from the distractions of an office, and the feeling of being alone in a room full of people. Food delivery work has given me my mental stability back and helped to save my marriage.

Since Prop 22 passed, my earnings have increased with the earnings minimum. This raises the floor for what I can make. We are guaranteed 20% above our local minimum wage before tips and that greatly helps…

The quarterly health care stipend I receive as a result of Prop 22 is more than enough to cover my monthly health care premiums and I noticed a substantial increase in my regular earnings after Prop 22 was signed into law…Please uphold Prop 22. Thank you.

I’m a 77-year-old Wounded Vietnam Veteran that couldn’t get hired. Rideshare provided the solution. I started in 2016 and love the opportunity to sever my fellow citizens and honor them with great service through rideshare.

The most valuable service any company or person can do is to help give others an opportunity to lift themselves up by giving them access to a job. Gig work empowers people to improve their situations…

I’m a single mother of four with a busy schedule. One of my daughters requires extra care, as she is disabled. So having the ability to work when my schedule allows is essential. Being an rideshare partner allows me to have the flexible work schedule my family needs while providing a service to the community. I rely on the opportunity to work when I’m available, to earn enough income to pay for basic needs. App-based gigs allow me to stay home and care for my disabled daughter and still bring home an income. They not only provide income for people like me but a lot of communities rely on app-based services for their basic needs. If I am not home, or occupied with my disabled child, I can have essential items delivered to my door. The benefits of app-based gig work outweigh any cons. Many disabled people in the community depend on rideshare apps for transportation and delivery services. My mother is a disabled senior and lives in another state all alone. She depends on gig workers to deliver her groceries and drive her to doctor’s appointments. If gig workers did not have the availability to work when their schedules allowed, there wouldn’t be many. And then the prices for delivery and transportation services would be too high for people like my mom to afford. Basically people have become dependent upon app-based services, and without them people would suffer. Either way you look at it, from the consumers point of view or the gig workers, Prop 22 is supporting whole communities in more than one way. Please keep people like me and my mother in your thoughts when considering Prop 22…

I think we need to keep Prop 22. I’m currently a student with a son who has autism. Having a flexible s schedule for myself and my son is crucial. Being confident that when I want to dash I can anytime whether it’s before I pick my son up or while he’s in therapy. Please keep Prop 22. It’s helping me and my son live, and the flexibility is great!

Prop 22 has allowed me to be more flexible with my time. It’s great. I work full-time on weekdays. From the A.M. to P.M., Prop 22 has allowed me to focused more on growing my business when I am not working on weekends. And it has allowed me to have more time with my family.

Being able to deliver food literally saved my family from going under during COVID-19 and my failing business. My wife also works and one income was not enough to sustain our family. I was and still am so grateful to have the flexibility and guaranteed income that Prop 22 provides which allows me to work when I want, where I want and for how many hours…

Working as an independent contractor is important to me because, living as a trans woman, I face discrimination everywhere I go on a daily basis including employment where I won’t be able to get a job because people will discriminate against me based on my gender identity. Prop 22 protects my rights to work as an American and gives me a guaranteed source of income so I can survive.

I support Prop 22 because it has helped my household financially. The flexibility is perfect since I have an “in-home business”. My business has been a little slow for me, so I took on “shopping from an app,” and it has helped me be able to supplement my income. It has given me the freedom and ability to earn the extra money to make it in these times of need. Not to mention, it also helps those who can’t shop for themselves.

I love Prop 22. I have made more money since Prop 22 was put in place and the insurance stipend helps with my insurance bills.

…I’m a mother and the flexibility of my schedule is crucial to work around the schedule of my children…It’s important to uphold Prop 22 and I voted to protect the right of app-based drivers to work as an independent contractors.

I quit my truck driving job and started doing food delivery a little over a year ago. I have a brother who is paralyzed from the neck down. He was hit by a car when he was eight years old. He is now forty seven years old. My parents have been taking care of him ever since his accident. My parents asked for my help in taking care of my brother. So I quit my truck driving job and started doing food delivery. App-based food delivery works for me and my family because I can work when I want. And it keeps me close by so I can help with my brother. This is why I voted yes on Prop 22. App-based driving works for me and my family. Please respect the people’s vote for yes on Prop 22.

It is incredibly important that the courts uphold Prop 22 because it allows for numerous amounts of benefits and freedom as independent contractors that we won’t received elsewhere. The fact that I am able to go back to school, choose when to work and be covered is amazing! I manage my time, my goals and my earnings accordingly to my school schedule and it’s a big plus…The courts should uphold and allow us to keep our rights and the benefits that are given through Prop 22.

…We, the voters of California, voted to pass Proposition 22 believing the state would respond in good faith. Leaving Prop 22 in place is app-based drivers’ best option and will continue to make a positive impact on communities throughout California.

…I make great money – $25 an hour or more every single shift. I don’t want minimum wage. I did vote for Prop 22 and its been great. Loving the extra pay and healthcare benefits if I want them. Prop 22 is the way to go.

…Having flexibility and independence allows me as a driver to take care of family members. Having elderly parents, app-based driving makes it possible to take time off during work and get chores done. It also allows me to take day-to-day activities for myself – errands, gym, bills, etc… I’m hearing impaired, this job allows me the independence to not have to rely on a missed phone call or keeping a deadline in fear of not getting my bonus. I work as much as I want, overtime is all on me. I can work part-time or full time depending on my schedule for that week. What other job allows for this opportunity? This flexibility alone allows me to live a healthier and stress-free life. Being deaf is hard enough, having this independence keeps me fresh day-to-day and keeps me in a positive mood in order to help citizens get to where they need to be…

I voted for prop 22…a lot of us did. It’s important that it remains in effect because it allows many people to be able to have the flexibility to work when they need to and receive benefits.

First of all, rideshare saved my life in many ways. I lost both of my parents over the past few years. There’s no way I could of survived all this without working with rideshare. I had the freedom to grieve for my family and work when I could. I had the freedom to fly cross country and to take care of my family funerals without worrying about my job. Second, I am father and husband. I coach sports and I am a cheer dad. I have time to be at my kids events and work. I couldn’t have done all this at a normal job…

If Prop 22 is overturned, I will miss out on the opportunity to earn income…The benefits from Prop 22 have made a huge difference in the amount of income I can earn.

Being the sole provider for my family has a lot of pressure. My primary job is salaried and has an inconsistent schedule, and being a food delivery driver and independent contractor allows me flexibility to work when my regular schedule allows. I also am delivering to save for goals when my wife finds adequate employment…I am not alone in using food delivery as a secondary means of income, so Prop 22 being upheld is essential to my financial well being.

…I have two special needs children that need my attention during the day. Because I am able to choose my hours, I can still make enough money to not only tend to my family but concentrate on my real estate business.

Ever since Prop 22 went through, I don’t have to worry about how much money I will make on an order. I average over minimum wage plus I get mileage compensation. I make more than most of my friends who work minimum wage jobs. Prop 22 is not harming drivers, it’s helping keep our flexibility while also making sure we get paid a fair wage.

…Prop 22 is amazing for those who cannot commit to a schedule because of actual life responsibilities we have to take care of. There are some of us who love having an open schedule and can pick up rides when it is convenient for us. Having to change this will impact so many of us to where we probably would not be able to work ride share anymore…

It’s important that the courts uphold Prop 22 to protect our rights to work independently. We deserve to have our rights to work when and where we can. To cut out independent work will cause more hardship for those barely surviving.

Having a flexible schedule for making deliveries is important because it gives me the freedom to choose when and for how long I need to work. The majority of voters (including me) in California agreed with Prop 22…

Me encanta este trabajo porque tengo mas tiempo para mis hijos y en cualquier momento estoy al alcance de cualquier emergencia. Esto es muy importante para una madre de familia como yo.

I have experienced 12 years of marriage and 7 years of domestic violence. Now I’m starting a new life with my two daughters. There is no fear in this new life. When my children are at school, I can drive with app-based companies. I really like and need this job because my ex-husband doesn’t pay alimoney, so this job provides a good life for me and my two daughters.

…If we wanted a boss and schedule, we would get regular jobs. We chose these platforms for the freedom and flexibility.

I lost my job in June of 2020. I was stuck. It was a few months into the pandemic and I had bills. I signed up to deliver food and made $9,000 that summer. I would have been ruined without it. Now I own a small business and do food delivery on the side. Although food delivery is not my #1 occupation, the ability to schedule my own hours is vital.

It’s important to me that the courts uphold Prop 22 because having this kind of opportunity to work as freely with food delivery platforms while having access to great benefits has literally been a life saver for me. I’ve gone through a lot of negative things in life and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel until I began my journey as a food delivery driver.

I’m a recent retiree, my freedom to work when I want is important to me. My retirement income isn’t great and food delivery has been a wonderful way to supplement my income. Knowing I’m covered by occupational accident insurance is a huge plus because I couldn’t afford to carry those insurance policies on my own. If I wanted to stay on an employer-based insurance, I wouldn’t have retired. I guess the biggest thing about this is, when I voted for Prop 22, it was for a friend that was doing rideshare work, not knowing I would be a beneficiary of it and working with food delivery platforms.

Working as an app-based driver allows me the flexibility to do other types of work, have extra free time to pursue other activities, and have the independence to be self-reliant, being in charge of my work and home life balance. It works out wonderfully. I really enjoy working with food delivery due to all the reasons listed above.

Flexibility with my job allows me to pursue my dream of MMA fighting to the fullest and while still working to pay all my bills and save for the future. I do not want to be an employee. I voted to stay independent through Prop 22…

I am a full-time student and mother of three. The flexibility Prop 22 provides me as an independent contractor is irreplaceable…

…I’m hoping ”YES” to Prop 22 will remain in effect since it has helped so many people in different ways.

I am a recovered drug addict with a little over 2 years clean and sober. The flexibility in this job has allowed me to build my life back up from nothing. I applied for this job when I was homeless one day, literally living in a tent. I filled the application out with tears rolling down my face, cold and hungry. Two years ago I didn’t think I could hold a job, but by working my way up food delivery, I’ve been able to take my time to relearn how to navigate life and integrate myself back into society. As someone on the autism spectrum, I excel at a job where I can set my own routine. This job will absolutely be the stepping stone between disability income and an actual career. This job is exactly what I needed to show myself that I can make it in life. This job actually kind of saved me.

…It’s mandatory that [my wife and I] both work additional hours every week driving with rideshare. If we did not have the flexibility to set our own hours, we would not be able to make ends meet and would be forced to relocate out of the state that we love so much.

…It’s very crucial that we’re able to work as independent contractors so we can continue to support our families with the flexibility Prop 22 provides. Without this, a lot of families would not be able to support their families and might be living in poverty…

Rideshare platforms and app-based work has saved me from being homeless, jobless and without a future. Being able to log on when I want, work as long/short as I want and be my own boss is a dream come true. Meanwhile I’m rescuing and helping my community.

I have fibromyalgia. I wouldn’t last in most jobs because sometimes I’m in too much pain to work. If Prop 22 is taken away, then my right to support myself will be taken away.

I am a mother of four and make more money with grocery delivery. And I have the joy of creating my own schedule. I also contribute to keeping the U.S. economy moving. I do more on my own schedule than the drudgery of punching the clock with a 9-5!

I’m a single parent and I’m working on getting my real estate license. I was let go from my job at a sushi restaurant in March of 2020. Food delivery has helped me have the freedom to choose my hours when I don’t have my daughter with me.

Ridesehare…provided a roof over my family’s head, it’s given me the flexibility to be the father I always dreamed I could be and never had. Altogether it has given me a life I am finally content with and…Prop 22 has…made this particular work better in the form of fairness and equality. I can wake up with the knowledge that I can work and bring home a check if need be but also make it to my daughter’s soccer game because I have that flexibility from being my own boss. To take this from the individuals who set out every day to make money for their bills is completely unfair and unjust.

…My children are the most important thing to me. Working around their schedules, being able to be flexible during my day is the most important thing to me.

I have autism spectrum disorder, and because of my disability, I am not able to function well in a normal, formal employment setting with a human supervisor. There are many other disabled people who do app-based work because they can pick and choose which jobs they do and when they work, which allows them to accommodate the needs of their disability. If I didn’t have gig work, I would be homeless, a burden to my family, or on disability. I like to work, it makes me proud to work, and I hope they won’t take my work away from me.

I am a woman who loves the freedom and autonomy of doing food delivery. I have other jobs and I love the freedom and autonomy of food delivery. I love that I can do it anywhere, anytime and on my own schedule.

…Prop 22 is the will of the people and a massive majority of voters voted YES to allow people to continue to work as WE want to, not as GOVERNMENT wants us to. We wouldn’t work for food delivery companies if we didn’t like being independent contractors.

Me gusta trabajar como contratista independiente porque me permite pasar más tiempo con mi familia.

Upholding Prop 22 is important to me so I can continue caring for my mom. I also care for my grandma as much as I can. Without Prop 22, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills or help my family.

It is important that Prop 22 remains as it stands because for many people like me it means everything to have a flexible schedule and the security of the benefits.

…Prop 22 passed by millions of votes more than the opposition. It wasn’t even close. We have all the legal rights to decide what is best for ourselves…and we did! It’s important to me Prop 22 is upheld because it passed legally and overwhelmingly. If the majority of the voters want it then that should be law. That simple.

I have several health issues that inhibit my day-to-day performance. Food delivery has changed my life since I can work enough to make sure all of my bills get paid without having the complications of scheduling with an employer. My sister also has cancer and I am her caretaker. With COVID-19, it is essential that we keep contact with others to a minimum to keep her safe as she is immunocompromised.

…The main reason I started working with rideshare is to be my own boss…Besides my 12 years of military service, the flexibility has brought my family out of poverty and for the past 6 years, I haven’t had to live pay check to pay check…

Yo soy parapléjico. Trabajar como contratista independiente me da la oportunidad de ir a mis citas médicas sin presión de tiempo.

As a retired senior on a fixed income, I depend on driving with rideshare to supplement my income. I shudder to think where I would be without the extra income…Because I was in sales and marketing in my working career, I found myself missing the social interaction with people. Then along came rideshare and I now have balance and purpose in my life. I soon discovered that many of my riders were fellow seniors in the seventies and eighties that no longer could drive and were using rideshare to go to their doctors appointments. I felt good that I could help them. They all were so thankful that rideshare had come into their lives. Same with my blind riders. Finally, I love the flexibility of the independent contractor status. I work when I want to. Doesn’t get any better than that! It’s a win -win situation for all parties.

When my husband died three years ago I was forced to cancel my health insurance. Now that there is a healthcare subsidy offered by rideshare companies, I have healthcare insurance and they pay nearly 95% of my extremely high premiums. Please don’t take this blessing away. Please let us be. We want to be independent.

As an immigrant, I have disadvantages of getting a regular job. App-based jobs don’t judge you based on your origin like taxi companies do. You only get judged based on the rating of your customers and on your performance numbers. Race and place of origin don’t matter, everybody has the same chance. As schedule flexibility goes, I can leave to my country for several months at a time and start working the next day when I come back to the US.

Working as an independent contractor with control of flexibility over my schedule is important to me because my girlfriend works and cannot drive, and I need to be able to log off when she gets off work. Under Prop 22, I’m making way more money per hour on average. This is the best paying job I have ever had and I love being able to work rideshare. If Prop 22 gets gets repealed, I’m in danger of losing my house, my car, my phone, everything

Being an independent contractor with ride hare offers me an opportunity to spend more time with my family, which means the world to me. Prop 22 was voted by the people of California and our voice should be heard and respected. This is what democracy is about.

After honorable military service, I was left with a debilitating neurological disease. Finding it next to impossible to find work I could do with symptoms of my illness, I tried vocational rehabilitation and other job-seeking assistance organizations. Nothing came of it. Finally, finding rideshare to be flexible and available whenever I could work, I started app-based driving and deliveries with assistance. The flexibility is why I’m doing this…

My mother has Alzheimers and I am her only son. I live with her to help her do every day chores and take her to her many doctor appointments. Being an independent contractor means I can turn off the app and take care of my mom and take her to appointments, no matter when they are. If I have to work certain “shifts” as an employee, I lose the ability to take care of her.

The income I receive from rideshare supplements the income I receive from my full-time job. I like the fact that being an independent contractor allows me the flexibility I need as a single parent.

Si a la 22. Necesitamos seguir siendo conductores independientes.

Best job in the world.

La proposición 22 es muy importante. ¡Definitivamente estamos contentos con la 22!

Due to my husband being sick, I can work around his schedule by taking him to diaylsis and doctor’s appointments, cook, clean, etc. That’s why it’s important for me to be an independent contractor, so that I can control when I want to work, when I can change my timing. Having a schedule would interfere with my husband’s caretaking.

Flexibility is important for a lot of drivers. We depend on the availability to work on our own terms. For many, it’s a way to supplement our income which allows many families to avoid poverty. Not to mention the benefits it brings to many who rely on the service for work, school, medical appointments etc…

Having the option, the freedom, to make my own schedule is why I chose to work as an independent contractor…I also run a couple other businesses, and having this sort of flexibility fits perfectly with that.

Si es muy importante para mí tener un horario flexible para poder atender de mi hija menor que requiere cuidados médicos y cumplimientos de citas en el hospital frecuentemente.

I am 60 years old, recovering from heart valve replacement and heart valve repair…My life style requires me to stop working at a moment’s notice to handle family crisis or to give my heart a rest if I start feeling stressed. Working as an independent contractor allows me to LIVE LIFE at my pace…

I am a retired, 71-year-old woman. I do not have the skills to be hired by most current companies and my applications are ignored. I am healthy and energetic. Working with rideshare, I am able to set my own goals about how much money I need to make and how much I am able to work based on my body’s ability. If I wish to take a day off for some family time or extra rest I can. If I want to work an extra day to make more money I can do that too. My SSI check is $258 – very small – and ridehsare has given me a way to survive on a schedule that works for me. I enjoy every aspect of working this job.

I am a single mother. I work for a school district but still have a hard time paying my bills and rent. I do rideshare on the weekends and sometimes really early mornings. It helps pay the bills and have some extra cash to do things with my daughter. It also gives me the ability to be home during the evening with her. I am off for two months during the summer and I’m unable to collect unemployment …So during the summer I depend on rideshare to pay my rent…

I am a single woman and the sole breadwinner supporting myself. Driving rideshare is completely empowering to me and helps make sure bills aren’t left unpaid. It’s crucial to my survival.

I believe it is important for the courts to uphold Prop 22 because it is the will of the people. We are supposed to be a democratic society catering to the will of the people…

Tengo trabajo de tiempo completo. Utilizo la aplicación de viaje compartido para obtener ingresos adicionales en mi tiempo libre. Por eso prefiero el trabajo independiente.

I can work when I want and how I want. I already work full time at a regular job, this is my extra job that’s gets me through till pay day many times and makes life easier!

It’s important Prop 22 is upheld because many drivers have made and are making income for their families and themselves in a way that works for them. If Prop 22 isn’t upheld, this would impact many people financially, physically and mentally.

I have a son and his activities prohibit me from being locked in to a fixed schedule therefore changing this law to an employee base system would hurt me financially and personally. I’m a single dad and I must be there for my son.

I like to work as an independent contractor because I am my own boss and I like that flexibility. Californians voted for Prop 22 and I think courts have to respect their decision.

It is very important that courts uphold Prop 22 because it is the will of the people. Voters passed this measure and it’s very unfair that special interest unions are trying to interfere with the will of the people. The majority of drivers prefer to be independent contractors and that choice should not be taken away from them.

I make a great living as an independent contractor. No complaints. We the people spoke. We the people want the freedoms to continue under Prop 22.

Working as an independent contractor, with control over my schedule, is important to me because I am a single mom of two children and my schedule can vary…It is important to me that the courts uphold Prop 22 because without it, I don’t know how I will manage being there for my two children and working to provide for them.

I’m cancer survivor and single mother. As consequence of my radiation treatment, I have several health issues that don’t allow me the ability to work two jobs. Rideshare gives the flexibility to work when ever I feel strong and healthy. That’s why I’ve depended on this job since 2015. It’s the only way to maintain my independence, cover my medical bills and life expenses…

Hi, my name is Rocky S.  I’m a food delivery driver. I deliver full-time, and this is how I support my family. Without this income, I don’t know what I’ll do. Being able to deliver when I want is very helpful because I get to pick up the kids from school, take them to doctor’s appointments, and other important things. I’ve been delivering for a couple of years – ever since the pandemic happened – and this saved my life.

We voted overwhelmingly for Prop 22. It would be an infringement on my right to vote if they take it away.

As a person who is unable to drive for medical reasons, app-based services are my lifeline. Public transport is terrible in California, and the least the government can do is stop interfering with private contractors who are working tirelessly to fill the void.

Please keep Prop 22. I have guaranteed earnings and a health insurance stipend because of it. My finances and life have been improved greatly due to Prop 22.

I rely on my ability to make food deliveries as a second job to provide things for my sons that that my main paycheck doesn’t cover. My main job is very demanding and doesn’t always fit within a regular work week. I also try to be there for my sons whenever possible. The ability to make deliveries on-demand is crucial as it would be impossible for me to have a set schedule.

I was an employee most of my life. I always answered to a “boss”. I love being independent! I set my own hours. I make as much or as little as I want. I answer to no one but me. I do not want to be an employee!

Working with food delivery companies is extremely important to me. The flexibility of being able to work when I need to on my schedule is key! Working as a food delivery driver is how I am putting my daughter through college at University of San Francisco. We the people voted for Prop 22. Uphold Prop 22!

Upholding Proposition 22 is important to me because having the privilege to make a living off of this is what has helped me succeed for a long time now. As an app-based driver myself, I believe Prop 22 should be upheld.

As a 70-yearr-old semi-retired music professional, rideshare driving has made the difference between a scary limited income in a period of incredible inflation and a relatively secure and economically comfortable lifestyle for my “waning” years. We must protect both rideshare flexibility and Prop 22 for the sake of all the many people who share my economic predicament. P.S. Prop 22 gives me just the extra little bit that makes the difference between economic comfort and an ongoing constant financial struggle.

I work a full-time job but rely on rideshare as additional income to help support my parents. I need the ability to go on and offline when I want. Between my full-time job and taking care of my parents, I can’t have a set schedule and need the flexibility to be able to provide…Our vote matters. And the people’s vote speaks for itself. We deserve our rights as voters to not have Prop 22 overturned.

My work schedule is random and insecure, so app-based driving is important to me because it allows me to choose my time and time limit to work when I am available. Before I discovered app-based driving, I was on a shoe-string, paycheck-to-paycheck budget (didn’t always work out so well.) Since I started using app-based driving, I have been able to pull myself completely out of debt, and even plan for and go on a dream vacation! I have also been able to do upgrades in my house/on my property, and buy gifts that were previously only wishes before. If app-based driving becomes another “job,” where I need a supervisor, a set schedule, and taxes taken out, I won’t be able to maintain the new spending capabilities I now enjoy. I will have to resign this position. Also, when I have been under the weather or had transportation issues as a customer, I have been able to call on app-based services which are convenient and reliable in my area! These apps have saved my life! Keep them independent please!

I’m a grandmother to 17 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. I’m there if they need my help. I have doctor’s appointments every two weeks and I can schedule myself to work anytime. I want the freedom and flexibility in my life.

I’m retired and I finally have the ability to work as independent contractor and spend time with my family. It’s family time that I cherish. I finally have a job…a stable income…a business…where I can provide for my family and not worry about having to have a rigid schedule. I am very fortunate to have control and flexibility over my time, my life, and the amount of money I want to earn…Our public has spoken. Prop 22 is here to stay and we are supporting our flexibility to earn when we want and how we want!

I’m single parent and I need to feed my children. This job gives me a chance to work and be a parent.

This job helps me to pay my rent. I work as a teaching assistant at school and my wages don’t cover my expenses. Without this job, I can’t survive.

I’ve been making more money since Prop 22 was enacted. I work with various app-based platforms and other freelance work. The freedom to work when and how I want is vital to me…

I’m an actress and entrepreneur who needs a flexible schedule. I enjoy being in charge of my time and not being locked in to the confines of when I can work.

If it wasn’t for the flexibility of being an independent contractor, I would not have been able to start and devote the time needed for my own business!

Rideshare has been a God-send for my husband and I, who are both handicapped seniors and have difficulty driving. We rely on rideshare to bring us to our doctor and dental appointments, and everything else. We support Prop 22 and voted for it.

For a long time, I had been living paycheck to paycheck, and got more and more into debt. With food delivery, I have been able to do something I’ve never done before. I’ve gotten rid of my debt faster and I am able to save more of what I make. None of this would have been possible if not for Proposition 22. I have a full-time job and was just able to take care of normal monthly bills but now because of the freedom of food delivery, I have felt a sense of accomplishment being able to afford a better life for myself. There is no reason why Proposition 22 should be overturned or it will spell doom to people like me that need the freedom it provides. I supported it when it came to a vote and added my voice to many others.

I’m 62-years-old and live alone. Ridesahre is my only income. I need flexibility to work my own hours. At my age, there are times I am unable to work a long day and there are other times when I have lots of energy. I don’t need a “boss” telling me when I have to work. Rideshare affords me the flexibility and income potential to be independent.

I’m a busy stay at home mother that enjoys the opportunity to make money while my children are in school without having to commit myself to a full or part-time job, while at the same time having the flexibility to volunteer in the classroom or stay home if I need to take care of business there.

If they don’t uphold Prop 22, it will destroy the senior community who relies on part-time work due to physical limitations.

I’m a disabled person who also works for extra money during this trying time. I rely on my independence and flexibility to achieve my goals. As a independent contractor, I am able to work when I’m feeling well enough or stay home when I’m not feeling well. It’s extremely important to me to uphold Prop 22. I fought for it and voted for it. I enjoy my flexibility and extra benefits.

The changes with Prop 22 have made food delivery better than before now that we have mileage reimbursement and healthcare stipend.

I’m making a living and I enjoy my work. My work life is better after Prop 22 passed.

I’m a student and a father of a prematurely born baby. My wife can’t drive as we are immigrants from Africa and she has no confidence driving for all the tedious doctors appointments for our baby…I couldn’t imagine living without a flexible schedule like the one I am enjoying with rideshare work.

I’m retired and able to work when I can. But I need to be available for my 82 year old mom and paralyzed double amputee brother-in-law by turning off the app and helping. And as financial needs come up, I can work a little extra to keep bills paid..I treat my rideshare as a business owner that I never was. Also, I feel like I’m serving an important duty to my community by getting everyone to their destinations…

It is important to me that the court upholds Prop 22 because the people who work as independent contractors today largely do it for the freedom that being an independent contractor provides…if Prop 22 were to disappear…it would be highly detrimental to the drivers who work on these apps and detrimental to the customers who have grown to use these apps for their every day needs.

The benefits that come along with Prop 22 allow me to care my myself and my family. Food delivery is my main source of income, and without those extra earnings I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own…

It is important to uphold Prop 22 for app-based drivers because it gives us the flexibility to attend personal, community and educational matters. As an employee, the hours would lock us into a schedule that would prevent us from attending my aforementioned reasons…

It’s important that the court’s uphold Prop 22 because my situation depends on it. And people around me also depend on app-based drivers. I realized this while doing food delivery. Some people around me don’t have a vehicle. Some people can’t leave work to get something to eat. Some people are elderly and need help. Bottom line is that app-based drivers are needed.

It’s important for Prop 22 to be upheld not only for the drivers who overwhelmingly voted it in, but it sends a unprecedented and dangerous message to the people of California that the will of the voters can easily be challenged and overturned. Let’s not let that happen…

It’s very important the courts uphold Prop 22 as it has helped out alot of California drivers with benefits that we usually don’t get like health care.

Literally, if Prop 22 is not in affect, and I lose my chance to keep on with rideshare and food delivery, I could become homeless instantly. Being hired at 70 isn’t easy, so I have rideshare and they are awesome to me. We want to be independent contractors. That’s why we supported Prop 22.

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and the many side effects associated with an autoimmune disorder. I also have more than the average number of doctor’s appointments. This complicates my ability to have regular employment so I am on Social Security Disability. Driving based on my needs, helps supplement my income and work around my own schedule. Prop 22 has given much needed stability to my life!

I voted yes on Prop 22. I have delivered nearly 5,000 rides through rideshare in under two years. I was so relieved when Prop 22 passed…I was very happy with my earnings as a rideshare driver and believe that would not be possible if Prop 22 failed. Getting a health stipend has been a wonderful benefit…

Living in the state of California is completely out of control and unaffordable for most people so we have to take on second jobs just to survive..please do not change what we all voted for…

My decision to drive is due to the independence it gives me and the satisfaction of having my own business. The government can not tell anyone who they have to work for. This is government overreach and unconstitutional.

My family lives in another country…Because of the independent contractor system coupled with Prop 22’s benefits, I have been able to visit my family every three months…I am extremely scared of this opportunity being stripped away from me and my family.

My independence as an independent contractor is of utmost importance to me because I need to be able to work the hours that are most convenient to me so that I am able to also assist and support my wife in the running of her small business. Without the flexibility and freedom that Prop 22 protects, my family’s financial well-being will be in jeopardy.

Es importante para mi agradecer a esta gran empresa que me permite trabajar como CONTRATISTA INDEPENDIENTE ya que de esta manera puedo manejar mi propio horario de trabajo cada día lo cual no interfiere con otras actividades, de esta manera tengo ingresos adicionales y se ha me permitió elevar el nivel de vida de mi familia y sobre todo pagar la universidad de mis hijos.

I can’t believe Prop 22 is again being challenged by special interest groups with the backing of the judicial system. The population of California has spoken! Prop 22 passed overwhelmingly. 82% of the drivers are happy with the changes it brought about. LEAVE IT ALONE!…Please don’t put me out of a great part-time job. I need that money to survive in these inflation-crazy times.

Prop 22 has been amazing. It has really helped me to provide for my family by providing higher pay and healthcare stipend for my family. If Prop 22 is overturned, I would have difficulty providing for my families needs.

Prop 22 has been thus far the best ballot initiative passed in the nation’s workforce history with much flexibility and benefits for independent contractors…

Prop 22 saved me from going to the unemployment line during the COVID-19 shutdowns. My primary office job closed but I was able to pick up the difference in lost pay with food delivery.

The benefits of Prop 22 have worked quite well as far as I am concerned. I need the flexibility and to be an independent contractor. Approximately 60% of the voters agreed to keep us as independent contractors because rider’s need of rideshare to get them back and forth to work, elderly to their medical appointments, to grocery stores. Keep drunk drivers off the road. Rideshare drivers help save lives.

I am a woodworker by trade and have children. Driving when I can and want affords me the opportunity to support my family and my dreams!

The entire premise of driving for rideshare companies is and always has been complete freedom and flexibility over the time and number of hours worked in any given day, week or month…The voters have clearly spoken! We want our freedom and independence, as well as some benefits to support us. It is the perfect balance.

The flexibility is of utmost importance to me…Ever since Prop 22 passed, I can afford better healthcare coverage than before.

The health care stipend is helpful for me and my family.

This job and the flexibility have saved my life. I suffer from migraine headaches and used to have to call in sick and let people down. With this amazing job opportunity, I am able to support myself without fear of losing my job because of health problems.

Thousands of drivers livelyhood depends on the benefits of Prop 22.

Please keep us independent contractors (with the benefits of Prop 22). If I wanted a job with a schedule, I would get one, but the flexibility that food delivery provides is essential for my family.

We the people of California have voted. Please uphold the decision of the voters.

My name is Kenneth and I work at a homeless shelter. I don’t make a lot of money so being able to work as a food delivery driver and schedule my own hours is a blessing because I’m saving for a down payment to buy a house for me and my family. If it wasn’t for a flexible schedule, I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a home and move into a better neighborhood to give my family a better life. Please don’t reverse Prop 22. It will effect me and my family. Thank you, God bless.

Without the Prop 22 benefits, my family would be without a safety net and could easily fall into poverty.

I am pleased with my earnings and if Prop 22 is not upheld, it may have an adverse effect on my earnings or deprive me completely by taking away this opportunity…

Working as an independent contractor is why I started driving with rideshare in the first place. To be able to work when I am able. Being a single father, raising 5 kids on my own without any support, I have to and need to be able to work on my own schedule which constantly changes at any time.

Many people, such as myself, use food delivery as a second income. An evening job after a regular 9-5 or a side hustle while they look for a stable job. And mothers who want to be able to make extra spending cash all while still being present.

A pesar de ser contratista independiente, me ofrecen buenos beneficios y me siento seguro. Eso es bueno para mí.

I am a widowed mother of two. My daily schedule is hectic and is continually changing last minute. Being a independent contractor allows me to work at any and every available opportunity my hectic life schedule allows. I am able to earn extra income for my family because of the flexibility.

Prop 22 is great. It makes sure that I earn more than minimum wage each week.

App-based drivers have given the community a unique opportunity to use affordable services while providing jobs to those in need. Removing Prop 22 will destroy this industry, leaving many without transportation and others without accessibility to food.

Prop 22 gives us the freedoms to work when we choose. We are also granted important benefits such as health care stipend should we choose to work more hours or full time.

As a mother of two, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn’t do the things I do for my family if I had to clock in/out of a normal job. I have tried for so many years to be an employee under different companies and nothing works like being self employed.

I have been doing app-based delivery for almost three years now. Before this, I was not able to work a traditional 9-5 job because of the way my home life is. The flexibility is the most important part for me because I never know exactly when I will have the free time to deliver. This way I am able go out at a moments notice. I was struggling before I discovered app-based driving and now I am able to provide for my family.

Working as an independent contractor gives me the flexibility to be at my daughter’s soccer games and practices. I’m able to make money and provide all the support they need…Rideshare is my family’s main source of income and I’m able to pay for my daughter’s college.

Those of us who are independent contractors have expressed our desire to remain independent contractors through the passing of Prop 22 and the state should respect and hear our voice.

I’m writing because app-based independent driving opportunities saved me from being homeless. Just the other day, I said to a friend; “thank God for Instacart. They saved my life”. That is a true statement. If it wasn’t for Instacart and Uber Eats, I would definitely be homeless today and wouldn’t be writing this…I consider myself a success story as an independent contractor because I am a hard worker. I’m honest, reliable, dedicated, and driven to succeed…Thank God for Instacart and Uber Eats. They saved my life and gave me equal opportunity where there was none.

As a single mother, the flexibility and control over my own schedule that I have as an independent contractor is crucial. I work full-time during the week and use rideshare as a second income to support my family…

As the primary caretaker of an elderly room-mate, with needs ranging from taking her to numerous doctor’s appointments to preparing her meals and shopping for her and caring for the upkeep of her home and property, the flexibility of being able to drive as an independent contractor, is a priceless opportunity…It is extremely important to me that the courts uphold the provisions of Prop 22. As a result of the app-based driving platform, I’m able to earn an honest living providing a great service to the many people in my community that need the convenience and efficiency that rideshare, (and other similar app-based platforms), delivers. Without the flexibility that the current arrangement offers, I would be scrambling to find part-time work that would usually define my hours and limit my ability to care for my elderly partner.

I have been unable to work for many years. With food delivery and Prop 22, app-based work has allowed me to actually go back to work and feel like a person with a real life…We the people voted for this.

Prop 22 ensures I am compensated fairly as an independent contractor for my time and mileage.

I am a full-time engineering student who needs flexibility. App-based work is my best source of income right now.

I have a very rare chronic illness, so I need to be able to clock in and out whenever and take necessary time off. Without flexibility, it would be incredibly difficult for me to hold down a job.

I have three grown children with careers and busy lives. By choosing an independent contractor job, I have the flexibility to tailor my work schedule around theirs, giving me the opportunity to spend more time with them. I can also work earlier in the day. Food delivery has given me the opportunity to contribute in this COVID-19 crisis. And it helps me to maintain income while practicing social distancing and keeping safe…The voters have spoken. I think the will of the people is tantamount in a democracy for any and all laws…

Prop 22 ensures I make a minimum wage because some people do not tip or tip poorly. It improves my standard of living and I count on this opportunity.

I love to work for me. I make my schedule in a way where I can reach my goals. As single mother, I can work or stop when I need to, without company authorization. I love to be my own boss. This is the reason why a lot of people like this type of job…

I have a wife and two young daughters to support at home and this supplemental income is crucial to meeting our financial needs.

I love my flexibility driving with food delivery. Please don’t take that freedom away. We the people have voted and passed Prop 22…let it stan. Food delivery provides me with a great wage and pays 95% of my medical insurance every 3 months with a cash stipen. I love working with food delivery.

I need flexibility and I need to be able to work as much as I need to. Plus, I need the healthcare subsidy and it always comes right when I need it. I do not wish to be in a situation where I have someone else controlling my schedule. If I wanted the parameters of being employed then I would go and apply for that type of job.

The court upholding Prop 22 will give me financial stability to buy a house.

As a single parent, I am able to spend the necessary time that I need with my children and work to take care of my household expenses. Emergencies happen and I don’t need to be worried if I am going to be fired because I can’t stay or come in when they need me too.

I am a United States Veteran. App-based work provides flexibility and I am able to work when I want, however long I want, giving me flexibility but also ensuring that I’ll be paid a fair wage.

I find myself in a transition point in my career so a part-time, flexible job has been a good way to stay working.

I’m 77 years old and love driving rideshare. It has helped me to pay utilities and food for my sister and I. My legs are bad so I don’t walk good but I can drive. Rent takes up most of my SSI so rideshare is a great way to make money…

The freedom to work whenever a person wants to is kind of a dream and this allows (Prop 22) that dream to come true.

I do not want to be an employee. I love that I can deliver food whenever I want with no set schedule.

Since the pandemic started, I feel safer working as an independent contractor. I love the flexibility I have and I love how much money I can make in 5 or 6 hours. I was never able to have that when I worked at a regular job.

A year and a half ago, I lost my job due to the outbreak of a pandemic. It was impossible to find a job since almost all enterprises and organizations were closed. I was advised to become a delivery driver. And now, for a year and a half, I have been doing this business and it has become my main job…For many people, this has become their main livelihood. We pay taxes, feed our families, we are solvent and do not ask the state for help…

Prop 22 is very important to me and others who drive independently…I like driving independently cause it helps me make money on my own especially with having a lot of health conditions. I get to work at any hour and I really love it…If something happens to Prop 22, I don’t know where I would even go for a job. I love delivering food to people. I love my job. I love these food delivery apps and it’s extremely important that they stay around. I’ll always fully support Prop 22.

I drive in tribute to my son who was killed by a DUI driver. It helps me contribute to my community to help it not happen to someone else.