Campaign hits 25 percent signature gathering mark in just three weeks as tens of thousands of rideshare and delivery drivers sign up to support ballot measure

SACRAMENTO – Momentum from voters and drivers is growing rapidly in support of the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act – the ballot measure that would protect the right of app-based drivers to choose independent work, while providing new benefits and safety protections for drivers and the public.

As required by law, the campaign reported to the Secretary of State today that in just three weeks it had reached the 25 percent signature threshold needed to qualify the measure for the November ballot. In fact, more than 230,000 Californians have signed the petition, surpassing the 25 percent mark of the necessary 623,212 valid signatures needed to qualify.

At the same time, tens of thousands of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers have joined the coalition supporting the initiative along with small businesses, public safety leaders, community groups and on-demand rideshare and food delivery platforms.

“As a driver and a Californian, I’m not surprised at all that voter and driver support for this measure is growing at such a rapid clip,” said San Diego resident Gene Peterson, a part-time actor who retired from the federal government and earns on Lyft to make extra money. “A terrible law passed last year doesn’t work for us because it attempts to take away our flexibility and force us into a rigid employment model. Voters overwhelmingly side with rideshare drivers like me and support our freedom to choose flexible work. I’ve talked to other drivers and they’re excited about this as well.”

“I’ve talked to my friends, family and passengers and have already started gathering signatures,” said Sammy Lind, a grandfather of seven who drives rideshare on the Lyft platform because he needs flexibility to help take care of his grandchildren. “We need to take action to protect our right to work as independent contractors, and to protect the on demand rideshare and delivery services that millions of Californians rely on every day. It’s great to be part of something supported by so many drivers and voters.”

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act would allow drivers to continue to work as independent contractors with flexibility over when, where and how long they work – while providing drivers with new earning guarantees and historic benefits for on-demand workers. It would also implement new public safety protections, including recurring background checks of drivers, mandatory safety training of drivers, zero tolerance for alcohol and drug offenses, and a cap on driver hours per day to prevent sleepy driving.

In addition to the flexible work opportunities app-based rideshare and delivery services provide for drivers, these services also reduce impaired and drunk driving, improve mobility for seniors and the disabled, and provide new transportation options for families who cannot afford a vehicle. These services also provide convenient and affordable restaurant and grocery delivery services that help connect consumers and small businesses.

The campaign expects to collect approximately 1,000,000 signatures — well beyond the 623,212 valid signatures required to qualify the measure for the November ballot, and is confident voters will approve this measure to protect app-based drivers and services.


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