Date: February 14, 2024
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On Valentine’s Day, App-Based Drivers Deliver on Love

Drivers across California celebrate the holiday by driving customers to dates with friends and loved ones, delivering flowers, or bringing groceries for a meal cooked at home

Across California, app-based drivers are helping people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s out to a restaurant, picking up take-out, delivering groceries or fulfilling that last minute flower and candy order, drivers are the present day Cupid.

“Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to drive on,” said Cora Mandapat, Bay Area app-based driver. “People are happy, and celebrating love and as someone who is helping them get to their destination or deliver a gift to a loved one, I get to partake in a little bit of the celebration. Because I can choose my own schedule, I like to drive during the afternoon and early evening, so I can get home and celebrate the holiday with my own family too.”

A recent survey shows that 71 percent of drivers prefer being independent contractors, with 84 percent of drivers saying the flexibility of being an independent contractor is important to them. This type of flexibility allows drivers to choose their own hours and schedules with what works best for their individual needs.

“I drive using a few different apps, which is great because it gives me the flexibility to earn money to help make ends meet throughout the entire day,” added Mandapat. “In the afternoon, I’m delivering flowers and boxes of candy. In the evening, I’m taking people to and from restaurants for special dates. The flexibility of the work means that I can maximize my hours to fit my schedule.”

California app-based drivers have this flexibility because voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22, which protected the right of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors. Prop 22 also provides guaranteed earnings and access to new benefits including a healthcare stipend. Since the historic victory, opponents have sought to overturn the law through the courts. Despite the California Court of Appeal upholding the measure earlier this year, special interests appealed to the California Supreme Court where the proposition is now under review.

About Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) Coalition

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) coalition, formerly the Yes on Prop 22 coalition, is continuing to engage to ensure the will of California voters is upheld; to protect access to independent, app-based jobs; and to preserve the availability, affordability and reliability of on-demand app-based rideshare and delivery services that are essential to Californians and our economy.

Proposition 22 was supported by nearly 60% of California voters, 120,000 drivers, and a diverse coalition of more than 140 groups including social justice, senior, community, business, veterans and many others.


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