SACRAMENTO – Tens of thousands of California veterans, teachers, firefighters, pastors, retirees, moms, dads, students and others are lining up in favor of the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act.

The campaign backing the ballot measure announced today more than 50,000 California drivers have signed up in support in just a few months. Additionally, more than one thousand drivers have requested petitions to collect voter signatures to help qualify the ballot measure for November.

“Every driver I’ve talked to has told me they want to keep flexibility and stay independent. They don’t want to be employees with set shifts and schedules,” said Luis Rodriguez, a former construction worker living in the Bay Area who now drives rideshare. “I’m not surprised so many have signed up in support. I expect that number to grow larger. I’m telling every driver I meet to sign up.”

The measure will maintain the right of those who earn on app-based rideshare and delivery platforms to choose flexible work as independent contractors, keeping their freedom to choose when, where, how long and on what platforms they work. The ballot proposition also provides new benefits and wage guarantees for these Californians, while also implementing strong new public safety protections for drivers, passengers and the general public.

“The flexibility of driving means I can devote as much time as I need to start my new company,” said Mark Wagner, a contractor who drives to earn extra income. “That’s why I’m such a strong supporter of the ballot measure and am doing whatever I can to make sure it passes.”

A new law (Assembly Bill 5) threatens to take away the freedom and independence of hardworking Californians who choose to supplement their income by driving with app-based rideshare and food delivery platforms. This law attempts to force those who earn with app-based rideshare and delivery platforms to become employees, eliminating their flexibility and independence to choose when, where and how much they work, and which network platforms they want to work with.

In addition to the flexible work opportunities app-based rideshare and delivery services provide for these Californians, the services also reduce impaired and drunk driving, improve mobility for seniors and the disabled, and provide new transportation options for families who cannot afford a vehicle. These services also provide convenient and affordable restaurant and grocery delivery services that help connect consumers and small businesses.


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