Prop 22 needed to prevent further loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs amidst Sacramento politicians’ attempts to shut down app-based rideshare and delivery

SACRAMENTO – According to data from the United States Department of Labor, California had 28% (236,874) of all unemployment claims filed nationwide in the last week. In response to worsening economic data and unemployment, the Yes on Prop 22 campaign released the following statement from Elizabeth Clews, a single mother who needs flexibility to balance the demands of motherhood and college.

“In the midst of record unemployment, out-of-touch Sacramento politicians have waged a senseless war against app-based rideshare and delivery drivers and threaten to eliminate hundreds of thousands of additional jobs. These staggering unemployment numbers demonstrate why we need Prop 22 to pass so badly – to protect our ability to choose when and how we work and to save our access to these jobs!”

“As we start Labor Day weekend, app-based driving is one of the few areas where jobs are actually increasing and providing work for people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. But these jobs are at risk unless voters pass Prop 22. The politicians refuse to listen to drivers, but we know the voters will.”

About Proposition 22

More than 71 percent of app-based drivers want to remain independent contractors, despite efforts by politicians to force them to find work as an employee.

Proposition 22 would restore driver flexibility, by protecting the ability of California’s one million app-based drivers to choose to work as independent contractors while providing new earning guarantees and benefits. These include:

  • Prop 22 improves the quality of app-based work by requiring app-based platforms to provide drivers:
    • Guaranteed minimum earnings (120 percent of California minimum wage), including compensation toward expenses
    • Funding for new health benefits for drivers who work at least 15 hours a week
    • Occupational accident insurance to cover injuries and illnesses on the job
    • Protection against discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Prop 22 implements strong new public safety protections:
    • Recurring background checks of drivers
    • Mandatory new safety courses for drivers
    • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug offenses
    • Making it a crime to impersonate a driver


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