Gangbuster signature gathering pace demonstrates strong voter support for the ballot measure

SACRAMENTO –The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services coalition announced today that overwhelming public support for the ballot measure resulted in a faster-than-expected signature gathering pace. In just seven weeks, the campaign hit its 1 million voter signature goal and concluded signature collection. The 1 million signatures far exceed the 623,212 required for qualification.

“It was so easy to get people to support the ballot measure and sign the petitions once they knew drivers strongly supported it,” said Sammy Lind, a grandfather of seven who drives because he needs flexibility to earn income while helping care for his grandchildren. “My rideshare friends and I all volunteered our time to collect signatures, many from our passengers. Such strong support is a good sign for victory in November.”

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act will protect the right of hundreds of thousands of Californians to choose flexible work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare and delivery platforms, maintaining the freedom to choose when, where, how long and for who they work. The ballot proposition also provides new benefits and wage guarantees for these Californians, while implementing strong, new public safety protections for drivers, passengers and the general public.

The measure is supported by a rapidly growing list of more than 54,000 drivers. These are veterans, teachers, pastors, retirees, parents, students, cooks, caregivers, actors, construction workers, musicians and many others who drive with app-based platforms when it fits their schedule to earn supplemental income. More than 1,000 drivers requested petitions to voluntarily collect voter signatures to help qualify the measure.

This comes as condemnation of AB 5 hits a high point with musicians, actors, court reporters, writers, photographers, videographers, freelancers, children’s art teachers, speech therapists, ASL interpreters and others pleading for relief because AB 5 has ruined their livelihoods.

The ballot measure is also supported by the California State Sheriffs’ Association, California Police Chiefs Association and other public safety groups, as well as community groups, small businesses, veterans and many others.

The campaign will take a few weeks to process the 1 million signatures and conduct internal validity checks. After that process, signatures will be submitted to local county Registrar of Voters offices.


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