Broad coalition of voters side with drivers, securing their ability to work independently with benefits

SACRAMENTO — California has spoken and millions of voters joined their voices with the hundreds of thousands of drivers who want independence plus benefits. With nearly 10 million votes counted, Prop 22 is passing with 57% of the vote. With the passage of Prop 22, app-based rideshare and delivery drivers across the state will be able to maintain their independence, plus have access to historic new benefits, like a minimum earnings guarantee and health care.   

Prop 22 was passed with strong support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

“This is a win for drivers across California. We’re grateful voters—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—came together to stand with the nearly one million drivers who overwhelmingly supported Prop 22 because it protects our ability to work as independent contractors,” said Alfred Porche, an Army veteran who drives rideshare and delivery in Southern California. “This campaign was about listening to drivers and making our voice count. More than 120,000 drivers actively supported this campaign by talking with friends, family, customers, and voters across the state to make sure they understood that the vast majority of drivers want to stay independent contractors.”

Prop 22 was successful because it represented the best interests and preferences of hundreds of thousands of app-based drivers across the state, who made their voices heard in the media, on social media, and by making extensive voter contacts with millions of Californians. The campaign assembled a broad coalition of social justice, small business, public safety, and consumer advocates that transcended traditional political boundaries. 

“Prop 22 is the dawn of a new day for drivers. In a historic election, California drivers sent a clear message that we want to be independent, and that what’s best for us is a new approach that preserves our independence while providing new benefits,” said Jimmy Strano, who is disabled and drives rideshare in the Bay Area.

“Passage of Prop 22 ensures these crucial work opportunities will remain available to Black and Brown communities that have been disproportionately negatively impacted by the pandemic and recession,” said Dr. Tecoy Porter, Chairman of the California State National Action Network. “It also guarantees the continued availability and affordability of these vital services, for all Californians, but especially for underserved communities of color.”

“This vote in one of the most progressive states in the country should send a strong signal to elected leaders all over the nation,” said Jan Krueger, a part-time Lyft driver from Rancho Cordova who retired last year. “Drivers want and need to be independent. We can protect independent work while also offering drivers new benefits. Prop 22 should serve as a model for other states and the federal government to follow.”

Prop 22 represents the future of work in an increasingly technologically-driven economy. By a 6-1 margin, drivers in multiple polls said they wanted to remain independent contractors, not employees. Prop 22 will protect drivers’ preference to be independent contractors with the flexibility to work when, where, and how long they want. Prop 22 also provides drivers a new earnings guarantee along with benefits, like health care stipends and insurance for on-the-job injuries. Tonight’s victory clearly indicates this solution was preferred by a majority of drivers, customers, and voters, and a model for preserving the flexibility app-based rideshare and delivery drivers need and want while providing historic new benefits the rest of the country should follow.


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