In November 2020, California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 22, a statewide ballot measure that protects the ability of app-based rideshare and food delivery drivers to work as independent contractors and gave them access to guaranteed earnings and new benefits. As independent contractors, drivers maintain control over when, where and how long they work. 

“I’m a creator, I’m a filmmaker, so I need something that’s flexible and that I can do when I want and then I can go and do my creative work…”
Alexisya F.
Doordash Driver

ONLY 2 IN 10

drivers said they would continue driving or delivering if Prop 22 is invalidated. 

“The people voted for it, I voted for it. We need to stand up and keep our rights to drive independently”
Jim P.
Doordash Driver


of drivers agree that Prop 22 is better than being an employee on a fixed schedule.

“If Prop 22 doesn’t uphold, there is no guarantee that we may hold onto our jobs”
Arman M.
Doordash Driver


of drivers agreed Prop 22 “should be protected by the courts.”

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