Date: August 20, 2021
Contact: Geoff Vetter (916) 634-9051
[email protected]

Prop 22 Proponents’ Statement in Response to Seriously Flawed Alameda Superior Court Judge Ruling

Proponents confident the measure will be upheld upon appeal and full provisions of Prop 22 remain in effect through the appeals process

Geoff Vetter, spokesperson for the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Coalition (PADS), released the following statement:

“We believe the judge made a serious error by ignoring a century’s worth of case law requiring the courts to guard the voters’ right of initiative. This outrageous decision is an affront to the overwhelming majority of California voters who passed Prop 22. We will file an immediate appeal and are confident the Appellate Court will uphold Prop 22. Importantly, this Superior Court ruling is not binding and will be immediately stayed upon our appeal. All of the provisions of Prop 22 will remain in effect until the appeal process is complete.”

Jim Pyatt, an app-based rideshare driver from the Central Valley, released the following statement:

“This ruling is wrong and disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers like me who actively supported Prop 22. 82% of California drivers are happy Prop 22 passed and 76% say it benefits them personally because it maintains independence and flexibility while providing us with unprecedented new benefits, including a minimum earnings guarantee and access to a stipend for health care coverage. It’s clear that the special interests behind this frivolous challenge are attacking the overwhelming will of the voters and the decisive wishes of drivers who fought to remain independent. They want to strip drivers’ ability to work as independent contractors and want to eliminate the historic new benefits offered by Prop 22 including the earnings guarantee, health care, and more. It’s shameful.”


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