Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act represents by far the largest driver coalition in California

SACRAMENTO – The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act continues to build momentum as more than 75,000 California drivers signed up to actively support the ballot measure to protect their choice to work as independent contractors.

  1. Thousands of drivers have shared their personal story explaining why this type of independent work is so important to them and why they support the ballot measure.
  2. More than 16,000 have talked 1:1 with the campaign to explain why they support the ballot measure.
  3. More than 5,000 contacted government officials who continually try to take away driver choice to explain why they want to remain independent.

These drivers include veterans, teachers, retirees, parents, pastors, students, real estate agents, as well as those recently laid off due to the coronavirus, who are choosing flexible, independent work to help make ends meet. Thousands of drivers have posted their personal stories explaining why independence is so important to their lives, and why they support the ballot measure.

“I drive my kids to school, provide home studies at home and take care of my 92-year-old senior citizen mother. I am a veteran and cannot hold a normal job, I need a flexible job like Lyft.” – Raymond G., Bakersfield

“I’ve been doing deliveries for a little over a month now and delivered over 400 deliveries. As the Coronavirus hit, my full-time job became part-time, maybe 4 hours a week, and thankfully Postmates and Caviar helped me through this tough time. I was able to make enough money to pay rent and my bills.” – Alex C., San Francisco

“After being diagnosed with two different cancers on the same day, my job would not change the schedule to allow me to go to my daily cancer treatments. They pressured me to quit. I signed up for Uber, which gave me the flexibility I needed to get both surgeries done and work around my treatments. It enabled me to pay all the doctor bills and supplemented my social security. At 73 I get tired and times when I don’t feel myself I don’t have to work. I need to work when I can work. Otherwise, I can’t afford to live in California.” – Lindy M., Davis

I am a soon to be husband and a full-time youth pastor. Flexibility is very important to me because I need to have enough time so I don’t neglect either of those responsibilities, yet enough work so I can provide for my family.”   Joshu P., Yucca Valley

“I had become homeless and without a job and had no source of income upon realizing I can drive for this delivery app and make money. I have been able to stabilize my living situation with only 34 deliveries. I still feel new to this delivery system but it works perfectly for me and helped me get through my everyday life.” – Angels H., Visalia

  • Improving the quality of app-based work by requiring app-based platforms to provide drivers:
    • Guaranteed minimum earnings
    • 30 cents per mile compensation toward expenses
    • Funding for new health benefits for drivers who work at least 15 hours a week
    • Occupational accident insurance to cover injuries and illnesses on the job
    • Protection against discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Implementing strong new public safety protections:
    • Recurring background checks of drivers
    • Mandatory new safety courses for drivers
    • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug offenses
    • Making it a crime to impersonate a driver


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