SACRAMENTO – More than 25,000 rideshare and delivery drivers have joined the Coalition to Protect App-Based Drivers & Services, demonstrating growing support behind a proposed ballot measure to protect driver flexibility.

In the five weeks since the coalition launched, drivers have spoken out in favor of the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act, an initiative aiming for the November 2020 ballot that protects the rights of app-based, on-demand rideshare and delivery drivers to work as independent contractors.

The surge of drivers supporting the ballot measure isn’t surprising given that drivers prioritize flexibility and the ability to determine where, when and how long they work. In fact, a November Rideshare Guy survey found an overwhelming majority of drivers want to remain independent contractors (66 percent) instead of employees (15.8 percent).

In addition to the right to remain independent contractors, the ballot measure would provide drivers with:

  • Historic new benefits and protections, including a minimum earnings guarantee equal to 120 percent of the minimum wage plus $.30 per-mile toward expenses. Using this formula the minimum pay guarantee works out to approximately $21 per engaged hour in gross pay. This is the minimum drivers would earn and they will still have the potential to always earn more with no limit on how much they can earn.
  • A health care stipend that covers 82 percent of the cost of a Covered California Plan, or $367 per month to a driver on average. Drivers start earning this stipend at 15 hours per week and reach the full stipend at 25 hours per week. Drivers can earn multiple stipends from multiple companies.
  • Auto and liability insurance and occupational accident coverage to cover on-the-job injuries – similar to workers compensation insurance.

Signature gathering to qualify the measure for the November ballot will begin in January.


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