Date: December 9, 2021
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ICYMI: Pew Research Survey Finds 78% of App-Based Workers Say Their Experience is Positive 

Sacramento, CA – An extensive new report by the respected Pew Research Center based on a survey of a representative sample of American adults shows most app-based workers have had a positive experience with their work, see themselves as independent contractors, and view this type of work as a side job. The findings of Pew Research Center’s survey align closely with survey results from the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Coalition, which found an overwhelming majority of app-based workers in California support Prop 22 and would recommend other states pass laws like Prop 22.

The report’s key findings include:

94% of app-based workers believe it’s a good way to earn while maintaining flexibility and independence

  • 94% of Americans see app-based platform jobs as a good way for earning extra money and maintaining a flexible schedule.
  • 80% believe it’s a great way for people to be their own boss.
  • 78% of workers say that their experience has been positive, including 24% who describe it as very positive.

More than 6 out of 10 work less than 10 hours per week and view app-based work as a way to earn supplemental income

  • 68% of workers say that in the past 12 months, this type of work has been a side job, and 64% spend less than 10 hours working in a typical week.

A majority of app-based drivers see themselves as independent contractors and a majority of Americans believe app-based drivers should be independent contractors

  • 65% of workers view themselves as independent contractors who provide a service on behalf of apps or websites.
  • 62% of Americans say app-based rideshare and delivery drivers should be classified as independent contractors rather than employees.

About Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) Coalition

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services (PADS) coalition, formerly the Yes on Prop 22 coalition, is continuing to engage to ensure the will of California voters is upheld; to protect access to independent, app-based jobs; and to preserve the availability, affordability and reliability of on-demand app-based rideshare and delivery services that are essential to Californians and our economy.

Proposition 22 was supported by 59% of California voters, 120,000 drivers, and a diverse coalition of more than 140 groups including social justice, senior, community, business, veterans and many others.


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