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Latino restaurants are on the brink of disaster

Despite plans for a full reopening, recovery for San Francisco’s restaurant industry will be a [...] Read more
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New Survey Finds 9 out of 10 California App-Based Drivers say Proposition 22 Had a Positive Impact on Their Lives

California Uber drivers are pleased with the historic new benefits, freedom, and flexibility provided by [...] Read more

How many Californians work in the gig economy?

Nearly 1.3 million Californians worked for apps such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart during [...] Read more
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Report: More Than 1.2 Million Californians Earned Over $4.2 Billion in Income with App-Based Rideshare and Delivery Platforms

In 2020, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22, which economic experts say helped stave off the potential [...] Read more
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Report: App-Based Services Generated More Than $9 Billion to More than 117,000 Restaurants & Retailers

This new business and revenue proved to be a lifeline for restaurants and retailers during [...] Read more
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Protect App-Based Drivers + Services Coalition Announces Relaunch

A growing coalition of nearly 40 community, civil justice, public safety, small  business, technology platforms, [...] Read more

I’m a DoorDash delivery driver. Here’s why we can’t roll back Prop 22

I’m in control of when, where, and for how long I work — my independence [...] Read more
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Hundreds of Organizations and Majority of Daily Newspapers Across California Endorse Proposition 22

SACRAMENTO — With just one day before Election Day, newspaper editorial boards, along with advocacy [...] Read more
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New Yes on 22 Social Media Ads Highlight Customer and Small Business Reliance on App-Based Services

SACRAMENTO — The Yes on 22 campaign is unveiling a new slate of ads to [...] Read more