Ballot measure would provide new benefits and protections for all drivers and continued service to millions of Californians who depend on them

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SACRAMENTO – As app-based delivery and rideshare drivers continue providing essential services during the pandemic, the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services coalition today began turning in signatures to local county Registrars of Voters offices across the state to qualify a measure for the November ballot.

The ballot measure would provide new benefits and protections for app-based drivers while ensuring their ability to choose work as independent contractors. The measure is necessary to protect the availability of app-based work for hundreds of thousands of drivers and preserve these services for the millions of people relying on them as an invaluable service.

“The recent pandemic has highlighted just how important app-based services and drivers are – delivering food, medicine and supplies to those who are stuck at home, driving seniors and others to medical appointments, and helping workers who perform essential services get to their jobs,” said Pam McClammy, a caregiver who drives patients to dialysis and a veteran’s hospital. “But recent legislation threatens the very availability of these services for hundreds of thousands of app-based drivers who rely on them during this economic slowdown, and millions of Californians who increasingly depend on them to get through the pandemic. This ballot measure will protect app-based drivers and services by ensuring what’s enabled their model to be so essential remains intact.”

“App-based rideshare and delivery platforms are providing ready access to earning opportunities that allow people to quickly supplement lost income or jobs, which is especially important in this turbulent economy,” said Sammy Lind, a grandfather of seven who drives because he needs flexibility to earn income while helping care for his family. “Forcing rideshare and delivery drivers to become employees, especially during a national crisis, will lead to the widespread elimination of work for drivers and the curtailment of services that millions of Californians rely on.”

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Because of the flexible nature of on-demand services, more than 80 percent of app-based drivers use these platforms to supplement their primary forms of income and report having other regular or part-time work, or being self-employed or retired. This is an especially vital lifeline for those who have been laid off, furloughed without pay or seen their hours cut at their primary job. An overwhelming majority of app-based drivers want to maintain their independence and flexibility and do not want to become employees.

The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act will ensure the right of hundreds of thousands of Californians to choose flexible work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare and delivery platforms, maintaining the freedom to choose when, where, how long and for who they work. The ballot proposition guarantees drivers new protections and benefits to provide stability in an uncertain economy, including a guaranteed minimum earning, contributions toward health care, occupational accident insurance and reimbursement for expenses. The measure would also implement strong, new public safety protections for drivers, passengers and the general public.

The measure is supported by a rapidly growing list of more than 55,000 app-based drivers, including veterans, teachers, retirees, parents, students, cooks, caregivers, actors and many others who drive when it fits their schedule. The measure is also supported by a diverse coalition of public safety organizations, community associations, low-income advocates, crime victim groups and others.


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